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Tipos De Lugar : Hotel
Habla A : Avda. Francia s/n, Playas de Bavaro, Higüey, República Dominicana 23000, Dominican Republic
Coordinar : 18.693409, -68.433569
Teléfono : +1 809-221-8149
Email :
Clasificación : 4.50
Sitio Web : www.palladiumhotelgroup.com
Horario De Apertura :
Lunes: Abierto 24 Horas
Martes: Abierto 24 Horas
Miércoles: Abierto 24 Horas
Jueves: Abierto 24 Horas
Viernes: Abierto 24 Horas
Sábado: Abierto 24 Horas
Domingo: Abierto 24 Horas
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Que Otros Dicen:

User (05/03/2018 00:32)
Our plumbing was touchy and our shower leeked all over. Great beach! No much separation between the adults only and the rest of the resort, even though there is a big price difference.

User (22/02/2018 11:10)
I would describe this resort as adequate, hard to dislike a place with pools, beach, and sun. But I think there are better options in the area. There are too many trivial issues like string holding the hand shower in place to mention. Thats why not really a 5 star.

User (14/02/2018 01:04)
Went for our honeymoon. Fell in love with the people and service they provided for us. Food was excellent. Beach was amazing. Well worth the stay.

User (22/01/2018 23:26)
Lovely place cant wait to return. Staff are helpful and friendly. Good food choices. Good drinks . clean and well maintained for a big resort. Recommend this place to others.

User (31/10/2017 02:04)
My wife and I attended this resort for our honeymoon and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND AVOIDING it. I’ve broken down our review into sections but it was a pretty horrendous experience.

Food - We picked this resort as they bolstered having the best food, with over 11 restaurants to choose from. If this was the best the Dominican has to offer then their entire country is out-shined by most local diners here in Canada. Both the Japanese and French restaurants were only available to upgraded members. Every place we went to was a let down, as if the cook had never actually had their cuisine before. We are not picky eaters, but the quality of the food was very poor.

Drink - When we booked the trip we were told we’d be sitting back relaxing by the pool ordering our favourite drinks till our heart's content. This would have been true IF you liked Dominican Rum and Dominican Beer as that was about all that was readily included for free. Want a beer that you actually like, expect to pay $10.

Activities - These were the only highlights of our trip, and almost all of them had nothing to do with the resort! We went on a dune buggy adventure, a Catamaran trip, went diving 4 times, and did a canopy zip line tour. All of those trips we would recommend, though our only problem is people constantly having their hands out wanting a tip or for us to buy trinkets. It got so bad that we stopped carrying cash on us so we could just say “sorry, we have no cash”.

Resort Staff Service -
This story sums up our entire experience (had many of these kind of adventures of poor service):
We came back from one of our all day activities to find our room door locked so we walked to the front desk (10 min) to get new keys. The new keys didn't work so when we got back to the front desk the gentleman promised he would send someone to meet us at our room. We sat by our room waiting more than 30 min with nobody coming. We walked back once again to the front desk to be assured that someone would be coming soon. On our fourth return to the front desk, as we waited another 30 min again, we were irate with the situation and asked someone to walk us back to our room. The gentleman who was helping us said he would get right on it, then proceeded to walk away and greet and check in a party of new guests. We then demanded to speak to a manager as we had been our of our room over 2 hours. 30 min later the manager got us into our room. Due to this terrible experience I asked for 2 free massages to make up for whole experience (I had to ask, they did not offer anything). They promised us that would be no problem. We went and got our massages but when we checked out on the last day they told me there was a charge for the massages that I must pay. I explained the situation and they told me there was no notes or manager who could promise that. The manager told us that we were not allowed to leave the resort until these services were paid, that it didn’t matter our flight was in few hours, that they would hold us here until it was paid. The resort literally held us hostage over promised massages and wouldn’t listen to a word we had to say.

Resort Facilities
Every few minutes you will walk by a table full of cheap trinkets that a pushy salesperson is trying to sell. VERY PUSHY… to the point we would map out our trips to avoid these tables.

The pools all close around 7, though the pool are still lit up with lights. There is little to do after 7 at the resort at all.

AVOID THE CASINO. When you walk in there is a game they will give you “free money” to play… it’s a scam called progressive roulette or progressive dice. All too sketchy.

Resort Room
We did have a safe in our room... Apparently we have to lock EVERYTHING up, as an $100 bottle of perfume was stolen from us and the only thing the front desk did was ask why it wasn’t in our safe (because it was full). We did not feel comfortable leaving anything around the room ever so it was a constant fear of locking things up. It was also to a safe that wasn’t attached to the wall or closet in any way… just didn’t feel safe.

User (21/10/2017 22:04)
Great hotel and beaches. The private dinner and bell hop service were amazing. There was a bit of communication issues as we are American and only spoke English. Also the room was lacking a bottle opener, all mini bar drinks needed it, and there were no wash cloths. When I contacted front desk it was never resolved. My largest complaint was the communication issue and highly advise either hotel do better at training staff on English or offering a way to translate either thru app or other means.

User (19/09/2017 21:05)
I stayed 8 days here and it was horrible. I had a group of 19 people and we had several problems. The showers were not working properly and it took three days to get wash cloths. My father and step mom had to be moved several times because their suite was a disaster. For this to be a five star resort the food was not very good. With my group being so large I thought we would be better accommodated. I did enjoy the swim up bar and the beach and I also enjoyed my excursions.

User (10/09/2017 22:05)
The hotel is nice and the staff are helpful. It is a beautiful location ... on the resort property, it is very safe. The food was good... if you stay a long time, it gets repetitive, but that would be anywhere. For non-Spanish speakers, it can get frustrating as just a few staff are good with English but that comes with the territory I guess. Also, DO NOT drink the local water... you will be deathly sick in days... and sometimes even if you don't drink the water, somehow, the food or beverages get contaminated and you still get sick.... so just be forewarned and plan in advance for that possibility. Also, be forewarned that the Travel Club (time-share) staff are quite aggressive!

User (09/08/2017 19:25)
Went to my best friends wedding here, such a magical time and place. Loved the beach, loved the food, enjoyed the generous portions of rum (and I'm not a drinker but damn it there were cool, sweet and just the thing needed at the beach). The pools were amazing, the entertainment for the kids was a little dated but boy did the staff put in an effort, every day and night. Room was clean and comfortable, wedding was beautiful, an all around great time. kids like chasing the little lizards around the grounds and snagging the falling coconuts. Would love to come visit again. Did the hibachi, one night, also wonderful. I do recommend staying on the resort. The locals are a bit pushy with selling tourists high priced garbage and braiding services. Sometimes a firm "NO" is required.

User (22/07/2017 06:20)
If I could give this resort zero stars I would. My friends and I recently stayed at this resort arriving July 14, 2017 through July 18, 2017. Upon arrival, we immediately noticed a profuse water leak coming from our Air conditioning unit. We immediately called gust services were we were told someone was on their way. After several hours, and phone calls later...we walked to the front desk to inquire about the repair of the leak. Once we returned from dinner, it was half fixed and still had a slight leak the remainder of our stay. We were never offered a new room or anything to make up for the mess of a leak we encountered. Everyday during our stay we encountered an issue that never got resolved, unless we took matters into our own hands and did it ourselves. Housekeeping never left The proper number of towels and washcloths , and failed to clean our tub on several occasions. The housekeeping manager had to end up cleaning our room herself after the number of calls they had received by us. Along with never refilling our mini bar even after we left a note in both Spanish and English of the things we needed. The majority of our trip was spent calling guest services and then waiting for hours for these issues to get addressed, even though they never were. Every time there was an issue with our room we had to physically walk to the front desk to get some form of assistance after having called hours prior to. A glass soda bottle broke in our room, and after calling guest services to send a housekeeper. We decided to ask a housekeeper that we saw in the hall if she could assist with the glass clean up. However, guest services NEVER sent anyone...so for all they know we could have been dead from stepping on glass and bleeding to death. The final kicker was when we decided to sun bathe on our patio before our departure to the airport on July 18th. As we laid out on our ground level patio...the next thing you know, we are being doused with a liquid of some sort. Come to find out it was dirty bleach water from the housekeepers mop bucket. This housekeeper decided it would be a smart idea to dump her dirty bleach mop water over the balcony without looking. Of course we were furious, being drenched in bleach. Having it on our clothes, in our skin...it was horrible. When we asked the housekeeper for her name she covered her name tag and refused to give us her name. This resort was atrocious. I've stayed at the Grand Palladium in Jamaica and had an amazing experience. Which is why I decided to stay at this location, horrible idea. The customer service was non existent, and not to mention the shuttle service is very unprofessional depending on which part of the resort you're staying in. They have the Palace, Bavaro & Punta Cana suites all located around each other, but of course giving preferential treatment to this higher end suite guests. Very tacky, and if I'm paying a lot of money to stay somewhere I should not be made to feel like a peasant or low class due to where I'm staying on the resort. I would NEVER stay at this resort again. I had a horrible experience, and I wish I would have took heed to the reviews. Customer service trainings should be effective immediately for this resort...just a horrible experience all around.

User (30/05/2017 20:35)
I was in the hotel this last weekend with my family (wife and two kids), we came from NY city. It is a beautiful place, nice people, nice weather; but how all the buffet restaurants have the same food? its not supposed to have different food? and another concern, this is Resort @ the beach, where's the sea food? where are the shrimps, lobster, crabs? just one kind of cheap fish? this is the food for a 5 start hotel? very disappointing about it, when people planned be in a hotel @ the beach, first though is a nice SEA FOOD! Hope this change, never come back to a beach hotel where there's not SEA FOOD!

User (27/05/2017 18:35)
Just came back last week... had an amazing time! Staff was friendly! Food was great!! I loved the hibachi and Indian restaurant! Great drinks! Went to the gym and spa... both were clean and professional! Highly recommended and miss already!

User (17/05/2017 19:38)
We're still here,can't wait to leave....Yesterday we saw a rat. Horrible!!!! Food was all the time the same. Mostly deep fried. The worse for us was smoking around... Room,when turning on AC , was smelling smoke very strong. They use bleach spray to hide the problem,but to smell bleach isn't a pleasure .... The beach was beautiful!!!! Do not recommend!!!! Never come back!

User (17/05/2017 09:15)
Nice resort, unfortunately since its an international brand, unless you speak Spanish, it does not cater for other nationalities. I agree with several of the previous comments that the night entertainment could be greatly improved. Maybe have one central point for entertainment that would suit all adults and nationalities. The other locations on the resort catering for those you wish for a quieter evening eg softer music / piano etc
Their resort in Jamaica is a good example to follow which catered for a range of nationalities.

Unfortunately the response to this review was automated. Exactly the same response to comment below....... very bad business practise.

User (13/04/2017 09:33)
Schöne große Anlage mit viel Grün. Die Zimmer sind groß aber in die Jahre gekommen, abgeplatzte Beschichtung in der Badewanne, undichte Dächer und abgenutzte Möbel sind oft vertreten. Auch die Pools haben mehrere abgeplatzte Fließen und zeitweise steht das Wasser aufgrund der hohen Verdunstung so tief, dass die Abflussschächte frei liegen und somit die Wasserreinigung nicht gegeben ist, besonders gut in Anbetracht der durchgehend an der Poolbar abhängenden, saufenden Gästen, die anscheinend nie auf Klo müsssen. Leider schwankt die Servicequalität massiv in den einzelnen Bereichen der Anlage, grundsätzlich ist der Service im Bavaro Bereich am besten, relativ aufmerksame Kellner und Rezeptionspersonal. Im Bereich Punta Cana sind die Leute zwar freundlich aber man merkt ihnen die Unlust zu arbeiten massiv an, Beschwerden/Reparaturmeldung werden an der Rezeption zwar entgegen genommen aber es passiert nix. Das Buffet des Punta Cana sollte man meiden, im Palace und Bavaro ist es wesentlich sauberer und man fühlt sich mehr als Gast als als Bittsteller. Die Animation schwankt je nach Animateur sehr stark, positiv sticht Sandra heraus die meistens alles rund ums Sportzentrum macht zusammen mit Hoje zu finden ist (Tennis, Bogenschießen, Minigolf, etc). Der Rest der Animation ist auf kurzfristige Bespaßung gepolt und bettelt stets um TripAdvisor Bewertungen, da anscheinend davon ihr Gehalt abhängt. 2 Runden Dart, Hufeisen oder Sackwerfen und danach Pause schieben. Am negativsten fiel mir Franklin der außer für Titten und Fußball eine Begeisterung an den Tag legt, wo man sich fragt wieso er nicht gefeuert wird.
Die Leistung der Spezialitäten Restaurants schwankt massiv täglich wechselnd zwischen super Essen und Magenverstimmung, nur das indische Restaurant war durchgehend gut. Auch in den Restaurants wird man regelmäßig per Tablet um eine Bewertung gebeten, wobei ich beobachten konnte, das notfalls auch selbst bewertet wurde, alias auf die ganzen positiven Bewertungen bei TripAdvisor sollte man nix geben, entweder sie wurden erbettelt oder teilweise durch das Personal selbst vorgenommen.
Leider hat sich das Management so sehr auf Bewertungen festgeschossen, dass die Gäste in den Hintergrund rücken. Gäbe es einen ordentlichen Servicemanager würde er die Hälfte des doof in der Gegend rum stehenden Personals feuern und es würde keinem Gast auffallen und der Service würde wohl gefühlt besser werden, da die ganzen demotivierten Mitarbeiter nicht mehr da wären.
Achja auch die Putzfrauen sind teils gut, teils keinen Cent Trinkgeld wert, hier hilft nur austesten ob man eine Gute erwischt hat.
Da die Anlage zwischen Traumparadies und absolute Leistungsverweigerung schwank gibt es nur drei Sterne.
Achja und man sollte die ganzen fliegenden Händler raus werfen die einen an Pool, Strand und vor den Restaurants auflauern und versuchen ihren überteuerten Schrott zu verkaufen.
A) Zigarren und Alkohol sind quasi immer in Deutschland günstiger als bei diesen oder in einem der Geschäfte in der Anlage.
B) Zigarren sollte wenn schon aus einem Humidor oder direkt von einer Zigarrenmanufaktur kaufen, meine Empfehlung einen Ausflug zur Domenico Manufaktur machen (Webseite oder Neckarmann Reiseleiter, andere Reiseleiter bieten nur El Rey an der nur gut ist wenn man keine Ahnung hat)
C) Bilder, Holzfiguren etc sind Fabrikprodukte und so auch in Deutschland erhältlich und bei Strandhändlern einige Meter weiter wesentlich günstiger wenn man sie um 80-70% runter gehandelt hat
D) Was die Fotohändler mit Affen, Papageien, Leguane am Strand abziehen, wäre bei uns Tierquälerei, also erst denken, dann handeln

Achja noch einen Gruß an den Chefansager bei der Abendanimation, es wäre super wenn man nicht auf voller Lautstärke Handyspiele zocken würde, dann würden die Gäste nicht verstört zu ihm gucken, sondern die Show genießen können.

Fazit: Schöne Anlage mit stark schwankender Servicequalität.
Empfehlung: Mal einen europäischen Servicemanager hinzuziehen, der den Laden mal richtig aufräumt und zu einem wahren 5* Paradies macht.

User (28/02/2017 08:02)
From 2004 visit... Rooms could use updating. Issues with tub. The actual beach and pools were amazing. Staff was friendly and would walk up to you with drinks. Recommend going through an all inclusive type deal. Landscaping was beautiful and beach was well maintained.

User (20/01/2017 05:33)
Entire staff is welcoming and helpful. Most speak fluent English and those who don't will do their best to help. We went in with reservations due to a poor experience at a different resort 6 years prior and we were completely blown away. The food was delicious and they've updated the fitness center and the sports bar in the past month, it seems. I would absolutely go back.

User (14/12/2016 10:08)
While this place has the ability to be great it isn't. I went here on family vacation and it just didn't meet the needs for the price.

First day first hour we arrived we had were locked in our room the handle fell off and we weren't able to get out. Help didn't come for over 30 minutes, the hotel didn't feel like it was urgent. I suffer from anxiety and I was going nuts knowing I couldn't get out I finally jumped out the window because it was to much to bare. No type of apology nothing for our inconvenience.

The food was ok but I've been to other resorts and the food is amazing. I felt some of the staff was amazing and some where extremely rude. Very disappointed with my experience and will not return.

User (09/12/2016 16:30)
Large and clean rooms, went there with my family and was well looked after. Spent most of the time on the beach as the resort was too hot, there was no breeze around the pool. Would recommend to anyone, the resort and food was amazing. The Japanese restaurant was outstanding and well worth the wait. The rooms were well presented and their is a safe to secure your valuables. The entertainment team were great. There was a slight seaweed issue but the hotel managed it in the best way possible.

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