P'yŏngyang, North Korea
Place Types : Subway Station, Transit Station
Address : Pyongyang, North Korea
Coordinate : 39.0583215, 125.7561701
Phone :
Email :
Rating : 2.30
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Jonu - Jonu - Jonu -

What Others Say About This Business:

User (14/02/2018 23:14)
Not enough propaganda, wanted more of my great glorious leader Kim Jong Un.

User (15/01/2018 17:28)
This little paper town with no residents is worth blowing up the world?

You are running out of collateral

User (24/12/2017 06:23)
24 million people live here and there are no cars or pedestrians. Wish it was like that in Los Angeles.

User (23/09/2017 20:10)
LOL what genius added the photo of the spray tan girl!? 😂😂😂👌

User (01/07/2017 00:14)
Half CBC sncfc

User (06/06/2017 12:05)
Very beautiful station, but name is fault, the name is Jonsung, not jonu.

User (15/05/2017 12:00)
Suck place is ugly!!!

Start with zombie apocalypse!!!!

User (21/01/2017 07:29)

User (11/10/2016 15:29)


지방 엉덩이 두꺼비

큰 거시기를 빨아

User (09/10/2016 12:52)
Jonu construction marvelous True Korea only home for Jonu.

User (18/08/2016 10:48)
Tourists are the only well nourished people there. Pongapsumida

User (04/07/2016 12:38)

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