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Tipos De Lugar : Hotel
Habla A : Highway Macao, Punta Cana 23000, Dominican Republic
Coordinar : 18.7278591, -68.4711521
Teléfono : +1 855-744-8371
Email :
Clasificación : 4.20
Sitio Web : www.memoriesresorts.com/en /resort /splash.aspx
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Que Otros Dicen:

User (04/05/2018 19:56)
Loved it! All inclusive is the only way to vacation. There is plenty to do here on sure and no reason to venture out other than zip lining and the monkey excursion which was a blast! The airport is another story but don't let that take away from this beautiful vacation area.

User (03/05/2018 02:03)
Had a great time. Family resort. You get two resorts for the price of one, Royalton who is the head of memories and is in the beach, you get access to that resort as well. Staff are great. Food is good. The Italian restaurant is great. Although they are closing the resort in August for three months for renovations, will be even better.

User (17/04/2018 23:02)
Be careful. The resort credit is not a credit it is only $50 off the upgrade or $50 off the $175 massage. The free breakfast at the hotel next door you have a salesperson trying to force you into buying not friendly when you don't want to buy. Just say no and walk away and enjoy your time in the sun. Dolphin excursion good but $150 for pictures and then $15 more for single pictures with other animals come on people. Families are here and will spend their money without your help pressuring people. Buffet not the greatest, Dinner was good at all the restaurants. Night show good don't forget to try both hotels entertainment.

User (17/04/2018 18:58)
A feeling of imprisonment is soon felt as you're not allowed out of the hotel complex as it is unsafe.
You may as well have been anywhere on earth as you don't get to enjoy any culture the island could offer.
All inclusive is not all inclusive unless you tip the staff. Then you are all inclusive at some considerable extra expense. If you don't tip the staff they will ignore you at the bar for someone who does tip.
Its like buying your drinks on all inclusive.
Try elsewhere is my advice.

User (26/03/2018 16:48)
My stay at Memories Resort was absolutely wonderful. The room was spotless, the food was excellent, the staff was so very nice caring. The activities for kids and adullts we're so much fun. The grounds we're very well kept, no trash anywhere. Everything you needed was right there. I highly recommend this Resort. We had a GREAT time!

User (01/03/2018 19:32)
Great place for family vacation. Clean beach and pools, big rooms (at least ours was), engaging entertainment team and good food. There is also a water park for kids (some of the bigger slides have height restrictions).

User (19/02/2018 20:08)
Nice resort with good food. I'm not a fan of resorts but this was enjoyable. The food at their Selections restaurant was good and varied. Our children enjoyed the water slides and pools. The rooms were clean and comfortable. One complaint is the wine and coffee. The wine was not nice at all. I could not drink it and the coffee was no better. And every drink is bravely sweetened. These are minor complaints and did not affect our trip in any way. If you have going children and like reports, this is a good choice.

User (27/01/2018 04:05)
Nice resort, specially for families with kids. Staff are very friendly and hard working. The resort is very clean and well kept. Our room was very clean and good size. The splash park is amazing. The food is okay. Overall it is a good resort to visit.

User (19/01/2018 20:26)
The water park is great. The food is not very good. The pool is dirty.
The place is tired and in need of renovation. It's not bad, but definitely not better the a 2-3 star.
I will bet the kids didn't notice and don't care though. They have the ocean, the slides and the pools.

User (04/01/2018 03:05)
Love this hotel! Spent the week and had the best time! entertainment staff -Vibe team Jay Blue, Horse and all the others , were favourite at the pool and social plaza . Lots of activities for my child to do and for adults. I will be returning very soon ... one week wasn't long enough!!

User (03/11/2017 01:28)
Best resort if you going with your family . My kids love this place . Food and staff was great . I might go there again .

User (29/10/2017 08:23)
Stayed at this resort in Sept also got caught in the hurricane and had to stay and extra three days this was the best place I have stayed in a long time had the best bartender name Michael and the best waiter name Henry these guys were awesome couldn’t ask for a better stay I will be back.

User (17/10/2017 20:38)
Try the Under The Sea and Mexicana restaurants both had nice decor, good food and fun staff. The splash and water park was also a fun day out and some pretty good rides for a resort. Children friendly atmosphere and the life guards were close at hand.

User (03/10/2017 11:56)
My fiance and I stayed at the Memories last week and this is by far the worst resort we have ever been to! The room was very old, you can see the rust in the washrooms, tv wasn't working properly and nothing to do at all on the resort. There was barely anything in the buffet to eat, we had to make our own pasta literally everyday because its the only good thing they have in the buffet.Memories is shared with Royalton which you only get access to the disco and theatre. You are basically forced to upgrade to Royalton which is a 4.5 star resort and it will cost you almost a whole new vacation package. Memories is a 3 star hotel not a 4.5 like they claim it to be.Overall , the restaurant staffs were very nice but i would definitely not recommend this hotel because of the poor entertainment , property and the food.

User (26/07/2017 08:01)
So so so disappointed. This resort is the worse ever, first of all everything is NO with them.. they serve you what they want you to hsve they are rude the rooms are horrible. Every thing is broken

User (19/07/2017 07:18)
No towels available in the park. My nine year old is too big for the little kid area but not ready for the big slides. The only thing she liked was the wave pool which only operated about once per hour. The park was clean and well-maintained. It's a short walk from Royalton Resort. The bigger kids in our group loved it but my daughter not so much.

User (18/07/2017 10:27)
The best resort I have been to!!!
I have been to other resorts in Punta cana but no one can be compared to this one!!
Have been 3 times there already and definitely going back!!
The staff is amazing, the connection that they have with the coustumer is great!!!
Out of hundreds people that they have to see each day, we were very surprised when they remembered us when we went there for our second time!!
It's just makes you feel how valuable you as a customers are to them!!!

User (04/07/2017 05:51)
Fabulous luxury. Relax. Party. Be waited on hand and foot. Most of all enjoy the wonderful staff who all make this place what it is.

User (30/06/2017 09:29)
Would be better if juices were of better quality. But all the other things were perfect. Entreteinment, food, rooms... kids fun were 15 stars. But rum drinks are water mixed and juices are poor quality.

User (08/04/2017 21:40)
The staff in general was good, guests were rude and I feel sorry for some staff member that were treated not so nicely in front of me.

Housekeeping was overwhelmed during our stay. Towels Kleenex toilet paper was missing had to call to get them. No big deal was corrected as soon as a called. They even followed with a phone call to make you have received the items messing.

The Diamond club has good benefits like:
- Own pool but guest hold the cabanas with inflatable stuff. Some people during our stay had very large inflatable boat size for 2 people. Rendering the pool un-usable. Staff not really saying anything about the situation.
- Concierge Hector was great with us to correct a few things during our stay.
- Own area at the Beach (located at Royalton) for Diamond club
- Premium liquor

As usual for all-inclusive some of the guests are rude and get annoying around 3 pm from drinking all day.

The water park is nice for kids of all ages. Lifeguards pay real attention to everyone and will deal with problems right away. It is open from 9 to 5 pm. The slides are fun for adults too. Wait was minimal during our stay.

Food is good at buffet "Selection" on the resorts. 3 restaurant are at memories no reservations are needed if you go around 6- 6:30pm. Afterwards it get busy. Under the sea is a seafood restaurant but our experience was disappointing. Only 2 items were seafood. All the rest was not related to seafood. Our experience was not good. The Italian and Mexican restaurant were good for the food and service. It obviously not the Ritz Carlton. But we enjoyed both restaurants. All in all items could be found that were tasty at all the restaurants we visited during our stay. May not be the best place for people with special diets or dietary needs.

As a guest at Memories you have access to the Royalton resort amenities. Except the buffet or restaurants. At lunch you can use the Opa and Grazie restaurants. If one wants to go at night it will cost you $15 USD per adults. You can upgrade to the Black Bracelets for $20 per persons per day to have full access.

You can earn a 2 days pass by sitting in the time share presentation they will tell you it is 45 mind but some guests told us that it was more around 3 hrs to 5 hrs. We opted out. Buyer beware.

Sunwing is the only company that goes to Memories from Canada. We had a nice flight, but they try to sell you excursions and other things during the flight.

We didn't do any excursions during our stay.

Room are nice again if you have been to an all-inclusive it is all the same at that price point. We had a Jacuzzi suite, not that I really care for such. the jacuzzi take a lot of room and make the room a little unpractical for travelling with children. The tub was cracked at a few places. We were in Building 9 in front of the activity pool. That pool is very busy and getting seat is almost impossible unless you get up early. It is the more noisy of the 2 pools on the resort. The bubble pool is quieter and had plenty of chairs available throughout the day.

Resort ground are well kept it is a little older but well maintained in general. The grounds are well keep again guests disregard the garbages cans so staff has to follow after. It looks like once on vacation people loses their sense of living in a society.

Travel as a family with a 4 year old. She had a blast.

All in all a good place to bring your family. I would definitely return.

The Royalton is obviously more luxury resort and looks nice from the outside. We didn't visit any of the rooms at the sister resort but it look a little newer.

User (27/03/2017 19:15)
This is not a 4-star hotel. Common areas are well-maintained, pools are quite nice, but in the 2 days since I've checked in, I've had 5 separate maintenance issues in my rooms. I would NOT recommend staying here.

User (21/03/2017 22:22)
Absolutely fantastic! I will never go back to Cuba. Food is great, service was great and the rooms were clean. Best of all the WiFi was always strong!! The beach is a bit of a travel from this resort. Just use the shuttle always avaliable never had to wait long. Room to beach overall time maybe 10min. The food at the beach was fantastic. The staff are laid back but professional.

User (29/01/2017 23:35)
A beautiful resort. Just stink to beer and rum unless you prefer to sugary drinks. Food was delicious. Rooms constantly cleaned. Room service consistent. Friendly staff

User (20/11/2016 00:25)
Good family oriented hotel. Not really suitable for couples or singles. Food didn't amaze me, as did the bar service. The rooms were great. Note that this hotel doesn't have a direct beach access and the beach is shared with the sister hotel, Royalton Punta Cana.

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