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Location :
1341 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg, MB R2C 3B2

Opening Hours

  • Monday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Friday 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


11 Reviews

  • Anynomous
    08 December 2023

    The first moving company to stick to the quote and not overcharge or add on for any reason. Its so appreciated and we will recommend this store anytime and we'll be back

  • Anynomous
    16 November 2023

    Really poor service,

    I was trying to ask about the delivery options of ubox and they purposely arranged the service that i didn't want and didn't even mention the prices
    Being charged without any notices and it's like robbing. Calling the customer service and they keep transfer my call like i'm an idiot and ending up just ignore my messages.

    I'm looking for an explanation and i wonder how can u-haul do business treating customer like this

  • Anynomous
    15 October 2023

    UHaul is a joke. Don't trust what they tell you on the phone. I scheduled a trailer rental for 7:00 pm. I drive an hour to get there. I show up at 7:10. They are closed. Why would they schedule a pickup time the same time the store closes? I have other stories of uhaul failing. DON'T RENT FROM UHAUL unless you have lots of time to waste.

  • Anynomous
    07 October 2023

    If you need moving supplies, don't cheap out... UHaul has everything (including stuff you wouldn't even think that you needed) but it is totally worth the money. I've had two hitches installed on my vehicles... The first one was a quick and easy install, and the hitch worked very well... the second one was a bit more of a hassle... But the customer service reps did an excellent job of helping to resolve the situation.

  • Anynomous
    12 September 2023

    Long wait time at the service desk, but they did clear up our issue quite quickly once we seen one of the staff.

  • Anynomous
    03 August 2023

    I don't even give them one star, but it made me choose. Today my husband went into buy a Hitch and paid $164.95 for the product. After he came home and installed it on his truck he found the packing slip that they forgot to remove from the box. Their cost is $70.63, so I called and asked how they can justify that type of markup and after being transferred five times I was told their markup is alwsys 2.5%. I told customer service that I'm not accepting that and I would like to speak to their manager Colton Hoffman. She wouldn't let me speak to him, instead she communicated with him through online chat and he told me via customer service "if I don't like it then I should return the product." Im absolutely disgusted with their service, I work in a shop that sells parts for trucks and I know that markup is outrageous. My comment could've been avoided if he would've returned the product and sold it to me with a markup value of 20-30% and he still would've made money.

  • Anynomous
    16 June 2023

    Amazing service. Helpful, friendly, quick and they go above and beyond.

  • Anynomous
    01 June 2023

    Great customer service, excellent rates, will always do business with Uhaul, like the newer GMC model, kinda wish they have Ford transit, never a GM fan, sometime there only 1 staff for evening or midday, should have two staff for highly service for customers.

  • Anynomous
    28 January 2024

    Awful.customer service. Was given a uhaul with NO brakes.. we filed a complaint with them in June (4 months ago) that we would Iike a refund considering a vehicle with no brakes could have killed us. They never got back to us despite us calling them 4 times. We just keep getting the run around from them. First we called the Regent location, then got transferred to their 1-800 number and then they transferrd us back to the Winnipeg location!! I guess money is more important than their customers safety and satisfaction considering I also heard many horrible things about the condition of their trucks there. Not shocking most people rated then 1 star. Very disappointed.

  • Anynomous
    04 January 2024

    I booked u-haul and used their u-boxes for a local move that happened on October 1.I decided to use u-haul to make my move stress free but instead it has been a very frustrating experience. I am still waiting to receive a call back from the location manager. The communication and customer service I have received overall from this location has been appalling. My boxes were dropped off late both times and needed to be picked up by a specific pre-arranged time since they were placed in a neighbouring businesses parking lot and had to be moved for their staff to park on the Monday morning. They were not picked up on the Saturday night as requested and instead were picked up later Monday morning. On top of this, I have been overcharged a substantial amount of money resulting in a overdrawn credit card. I have called, and left messages for a manager to get back to me for two weeks and have not heard anything. I have also left a customer complaint at a corporate level and was assured it would be dealt with in 72 hours which it has not been. I would highly recommend not using u-haul, and especially not the Regent location. I can honestly say that this is probably the worst customer service experience I have ever received and I am am currently still waiting to be refunded for the overcharged amount.

  • Anynomous
    01 October 2023

    I rented out a trailer from them and the employee said he would install it for me.
    He was working on it while I was looking around and when I came back he told me he was "done". Not 10 minutes into my drive home, the trailer came off the hitch and started to wiggle on the road. It's lucky that it didn't hit my car or injured anyone. I had to pull over to find out that the employee didn't even tighten the hitch ball... I would be suing if it did damage.
    So unimpressed. Still shocked and bitter.