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25 St Patricks Road, Grosvenor, Bluff (Head Office), 4052 Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


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25 St Patricks Road, Grosvenor, Bluff (Head Office), 4052 Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
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Place of Grace 145 is a unique recovery centre with in - and out - patient programmes. Place of Grace (psalm 145) is a faith based institution but we believe and respect that many roads lead to God.Further we are highly skilled in Dual or Trial Diagnoses treatment and believe, if necessary, that Harm reduction is the path for certain clients. In both In- and Out-Patient treatment programmes we have gender based groups , at least weekly. Furthermore we ensure that all professional staff receive regular personal Supervision (Counselling) for your benefit, as our clients. We also run an activist and advocacy campaign called A.C.T. - Addiction Can be Treated; should you wish to volunteer your time, resources or services to this Cause, for the eventual aim of providing Equal Opportunity Treatment for all and the implementation of progressive, successful Drug Diversion Court Programmes even for drinking and driving as opposed to Prison Time, wherein prisons are significantly overcrowded and as an Addict, one has a diease, and should not be punished for the symptoms of that diease but rather given the opportunity to receive Positive, Progressive, Theraputic Assistance and regular aftercare and other associated maintenance factors, since it is not a disease of choice nor lifestyle but one of genetic predisposesion and external environmental factors which cause the initial wrong choicesplease advise us accordingly. Should you be desireous or in a position to donate financially or in any other way to our charity and particularly this cause, please also contact us and we will advse you of the details.

Our Out-patient and In-Patient PROGRAMMES are similar in nature, but different. Let us introduce you to these. Our Out -patient programme ideally runs for 12 weeks, weekdays from 7:30 to 13:00. And Aftercare on a Saturday morning for two years. The programme is (r)evolutionary and unparralled. After a short stint of excercise, clients each recieve an Accupuncture detox treatment prior to beginning their day. They then discuss in Group their Emotions Journal except for that which they feel is confidential and applicable to their individual sessions. This is followed by an Educational lecture ranging in necessisary Life Skill topics (either over a single lecture or several) which include Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Coping Skills, Communicating Clean, Assertiveness, Realistic Goal Setting and Achievement, Budgeting Skills, Vocational skills for employment since we attempt to secure either training, a learnership or employment for all our programme graduates as we believe in the axiom of ├Źdle Hands are the Devil's Playground", Self Worth and Self Esteem are increadibly important lecture series, and we cover, minfulness, Spirituality (however that applies to the client), Tolerance, Patience, Peer Pressure, Relapse prevention and many more skills. We also place great importance on the Addict in recovery paying for or complimenting the payment of - or the repayment of their fees back to those who paid for treatment in the first instance through a formal acknowledgement of Debt (or part thereof). Since, in our experience, treatment success is directly related to the client taking responsibility for their financial obligation. We find that when they are financially pinched and responsible not only are they more determined in the theraputic community, they achieve better results and therir chances of a slip or relapse free recovery is incramentally lower than if they recieved the treatment through parents and family and friends, wherein they have not had a paticipatory role and there is thus no financial incentive of responsibility behind that all contributing and expecting no financial return on their investment. It is a consequence and one which they do not wish to mess up easily and have to return for relapse prevention. Following the Life Skill or 12 step lecture, since we align ourselves to the 12 step Minnasota model and expect clients to attend meetings with us and on their own, enabling them to find new friends with which to later socialise et al. Graduation from the Out-patient programme is based on their completion of Step 5 of the 12 Steps, which are done as extra work, in their own time and used as collateral in Family and Indvidual counselling. It also points them spiritually to a Higher Power. They have a short break followed by several group therapy sessions including Rational Emotive Therapy, Cognative Behavioural therapy, Life Story or consequences group. The programme is brought to a close for all by a practical Occupational Therapy group which is directly related to their earlier Life Skill Lecture. Following this clients are seen as per their desired frequency and personal care plan through appointments booked in advance after the majority leave to go and complete step work or go to class or their respective places of employment. A client should, with great ease, complete Step 5, within 12 weeks. The cost barrier often prevents the entire compltion of all 12 steps, however their progress is monitored during the following two years of After-care. Urinalisis is carried out regularly and randomly for the client's extra expense. The cost of the 12 week programme is presently R9 000, for 12 weeks or three months. The amount is payable in advance in cash. We can provid you with a letter of Donation as we are a registered Non Profit Company which is then totally SARS Tax deductable and you should receive most of the donation back as opposed to a straight invoice and payment. We are open to discussing payment plans and options and for those unemployed who are unable to raise money through family and friends we do attempt to accomodate everyone, as everybody deserves the chance to heal from this disease so we provide these Clinets with a Means'Scale Assessment form so that we can attempt to provide treatment, however we do expect something in return to alance the flow of energy, be it a small donation or volunteer work for Act of Grace 145 NPC.

The Place of Grace In-Patient therapeutic programme itself does not differ to a large extent, however there are some significant differences in terms of individual client therapy as well as additional time for you to complete your 12 step programme as we have limited our Therapeutic community to 12 clients at any one time, excluding those for whom we haave provided Charitable Beds, with the exception that it is particularly more expensive for a number of factors. This is largely due also to the mean/average staff to client ratio, in a small, exclusive and executive theraputic community of an average of 1:1. i.e. One member of staff to one client thus incuring significantly greater cost. However it is ideal for those who have the means to attend such treatment which is offered in a variety of programmes, as in a standard 28 day stay, a six week stay or preferably a 12 week course of In-patient treatment for those again who have the means. Please note that we are negotiable in terms of payment options however any bookings accepted will be done so on the basis of a non-refundable deposit being paid and payment for services rendered is usally expected in advance of treatment. We do make available a percentage of beds in terms of charitable beds, however applications need to be made in writing and certain standard need to be met prior to our ability for the directors to meet and make such an allocation. We must make it clear that these are done in only very exceptional cases via a trust and we would expect that you make a sizeable donation in a certain period of time in order to'"pay-it-forward''. Place of Grace In-Patient facility is situated about 28km from the centre of Durban, in the costal village of Kingsburgh. Sweeping ocean vista's are visable from 90% of the accomodation which is tastefully appointed and well proportioned with double volume ceilings, Skylights, Verhanda's opening surrounding both the ground and first floors, large and spacious one can find solace whilst still encountering company if preferred. The home is equipped with every possible requirement electronically. It is spacious and very up-market, yet the flow of the accomodation allows for constructive, positive interaction with other members of the theraputic community. There are members of staff available to you on a 24 hour basis and every home comfort and convenience is afforded to you as a client. We do, however require clients to perform theraputic duties at times and the property is not only private through, the high walls but exceptionally safe with electronic fencing above the exterior walls. All amenities are within short walking distance, as are the numerous tropical, golden beaches. The sea views and situation are spectacular and conducive to a very happy, holistic but exceptionally private healing environment. The entertainment area and smokeless barbeque (Braai) include a wonderful pool , exceptional, spectacular vista's with a gentle seabreeze and loads of space for you to be alone or with others. The programme is similar in nature to our Out-patient programme but this is a preferable option if one has the financial means or are a first time client or needing a relapse prevention course away from the madding crowd and familiar Haunts, People and Places.

If a client requires us to perform an intervention either within the family or working environment, we avail ourselves with pleasure however we do request a donation therefore. Additional Auricular Accudetox is per prior appointment and is an additional fee. Place of Grace, via Act of Grace 145 NPC is the only South African NPC to be registered with the United Nation's ECOSOC division of the United Nations Office for Drugs, Crime and Trafficking. Although, faith based, we believe there are many roads to God. We are the only NADA accredited Auricular Accudetox Specialists in KZN actively using this Accupuncture treatment daily in the rehabilitation programme. Furthermore, unlike most recovery programmes we are not opposed to harm reduction methods especially for Opiate and other previous substance misuse and abuse, as part of our Individualised care plan; and when or if; someone in the programmes has a slip, we do not kick addicts out for days at a time but rather, provide more support, increased encouragement greater love and establish what the root cause of the slip is. We operate an Out - and In-patient treatment programme at different facilities. We are also Addiction positive equal opportunity advocates and National Drug Activists who are represented nationally on several proffesional and state bodies and committees for Health and Crime. We discovered and revealed the Central Drug Authorities 2011 erroneous Draft Drug Master Plan and were invited to Tshwane to present this information and to provide our final Inputs on the 2011 Draft National Drug Master Plan. Place of Grace is on the committees of the SDDN Health, Youth, and Community Safety Forum and the Engen Health representative as well as being instramental in the establiishment of the Local & District Drug Action Committees and the KZN Community Crime Association. We are active in Children-at-risk (Teen) programmes and activists for progressive and fast change of Liquor Laws as well as our proactive recommendation for Equal Opportunity Treatment Facilities as well as Demonstrable, Dynamic Workable Solution based Drug Court Diversion Programmes for those who are addicts and who find themselves in trouble with the law which is often symptomatic of latter stage Addiction. Place of Grace understand that whilst there is a disconcerting stigma attached to the disorder it has been accorded the status of a disease for over sixty years, internationally. It is Primary, Progressive, Symptomatic, Terminal yet treatable. We are a 12 Step Based Recovery Treatment Facility, but we use a multi-disciplinary, multi-modal approach with which we treat Addiction; in all its forms, Substances, Food, Sex, Gambling, Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medication et al. We believe addiction is a disease which is treatable.