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Place Types : Amusement Park
Address : 10101 Riverside Dr, Powell, OH 43065, USA
Coordinate : 40.153597, -83.119104
Phone : +1 614-724-3600
Email :
Rating : 4.20
Website : www.zoombezibay.com
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Zoombezi Bay?

    Zoombezi Bay is located at: 10101 Riverside Dr, Powell, OH 43065, USA.

  • Want to book a hotel in Ohio?

    We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs. Compare and book now!

  • What is the phone number of Zoombezi Bay?

    You can try to dialing this number: +1 614-724-3600 - or find more information on their website: www.zoombezibay.com

  • Where are the coordinates of the Zoombezi Bay?

    Latitude: 40.153597
    Longitude: -83.119104

What Other Say:

User (28/08/2017 05:03)
I came here with friends to hang out at the adult lazy river. Floating around and drinking--what could be better on a beauitful summer day? As it turns out, a lot. First, the prices were robbery. Nearly $35 for admission and parking, then $15 for a locker. We found the bar area to be small and disappointing. There are only two types of pre-made cocktails and a few beers and wines... that's it. Each cocktail is $11 of mostly sugar with $8 refills. The cramped bar area was full of smokers. Gross. The adult lazy river was freezing and dirty. Some of the speakers don't work but that's ok because even loud music wouldn't cover up the roar from a rickety wooden roller coaster that runs parallel to and even over the water. How relaxing. We grabbed some $9 turkey wraps that should have been great for how long we waited for them, but were edible at best. Finally, the bathrooms weren't very clean. We didn't bother with the water slides because the lines were insane, but there's not much to do about that. All in all, if you make a full day of it with all the slides and the zoo, it might be alright. If you just want to hang out in the water and relax with some cocktails, buy a kiddie pool for your yard and a bottle of booze for better value and comfort.

User (23/08/2017 21:27)
I recommend the Zoombeezi Pass. Worth the price. Wonderful, relaxed atmosphere for all ages; with or without kids.

User (20/08/2017 20:00)
Visited Zoombezi Bay for first time on August 18, 2017, was disappointed in the fact that not all slides were open and those that were open were greatly under staffed and very slow due to not having enough employees. Understand using students to run the slides and some have returned to class. However, this should be stated and a discount should be given for post season rates. If going next summer make sure you go before Students start back to class, or be very disappointed at not getting your money's worth. Park was clean and the rides that were open were fun.

User (16/08/2017 01:04)
We visited on a day where there was a forecast for rain, which seemed to keep a lot of people away. All of the slides had a very minimal wait time, and we were able to go on anything whenever we wanted. Being able to relax in the lazy river and drink a beer was a nice experience as well.

User (27/07/2017 23:58)
Worst experience ever. I will never patronize this place ever. While on my visit to zoombezi I was assaulted by a lady that was very intoxicated (yes they serve liquor) women. I had my 2 year old son with me along with my best friend and parents. It started at the concession stand where the lady was rushing the line. She said to my father "are you ordering or not?!) My father yelled back at her and said yes he was and she needs to wait. She continued on and on. My father told her that she need to take her drunk a** on. My father paid for our food and we went to sit at the table where my mother was waiting with my 2 year old. A couple of minutes later the woman's friend approached our table and yelled (hey douche bag you need to apologize to my friend!) this is while my son is sitting there. I told her that she needs to leave and that she was not at the concession stand so she don't know what happen and that her friend was in the wrong. The women and my father is yelling back and forth at this point my son is crying. My mother stood up and told her to go! She throws an alcoholic drink on my mother! Then a scuffle breaks out. Another one of the ladies friend come over there then another scuffle breaks out. The incident get broken and we sat back at the table and the other group goes maybe 10ft by the bar where they were I guess initially sitting. Then finally security comes. While security was there the women's (who first came over) boyfriend (I'm guessing) comes and gets into my dads face. I'm yelling at security, who I thought they were, that he needs to leave. They said they were not security but they did work there ( they had on blue shirts.) The guy goes back by the bar. Then finally the real security guards arrives ( they had on yellow and black shirts). We explained our side of the story. The security guard stated that the bartenders don't know when to cut people off and they just like making money. Which I figured because everybody in the other party was highly intoxicated. After maybe 20 minutes the head of security Scott told us they were kicking both parties out?! While Scott was explaining the reasoning 2 different ladies came and yelled at him that we were at our table and the lady came bothering us. He told them that we'll we have people stating they (we) got physical. Which we did after the lady threw a drink on my mother. So we left the park only being there an hour and a half with no refund. Listen I'm a law abiding citizen, I pay my taxes, I'm educated, I've never done drugs or alcohol , and I've never been arrested . And pride myself on being just that. But I'm also a black women with dreadlocks so I guess that overrides all the other wonderful things about me. And in this incident I think they only saw that I was a black women. It's ashame that we still live in this kind of world.

User (17/07/2017 16:43)
It's been a while since I've last been here.

The prices have gone up and the experience has gone down.

This place is run by children and college students and it shows. Nobody cares about their quality of work or how quickly they can help people in their line. I almost wonder if they go slow just to entice people to pay for the BS line cutting tickets.

To top it off, after waiting in line and spending a ridiculous amount on burgers and fries, we're told they're out of ketchup. Out of ketchup, man. If you can't even manage that detail correctly, then what makes you qualified to run a freaking water park?

Good grief, this place sucks.

User (18/09/2016 11:28)
Great kids area we went with our 5 boys and stayed in the kids area for hours. Great locker system you pay for your locker at a kiosk/ATM style system and they give you your locker number and you provide your 4 digit pin of your choice and then at your locker there is a key Pad that is now programed to open to your unique pin. No key to worry about simple, convenient and secure!!!

User (05/08/2016 01:49)
Great water park and a great addition to the zoo. Kids love the wave pool and there are many different levels of rides for different ages. I hope they continue to add rides in the future and after going a few times, the rides start to lose their fun factor.

User (26/07/2016 11:02)
It's great this place has a water park attached to the zoo and it's a nice one don't get me wrong but when it's still into the high 80's all night the hours need to be extended. How awesome would this place be all strung up in lights hanging out in the lazy river or the wave pool after dark!?! The slides would even be more awesome!

User (23/11/2015 08:47)
Zoombezi has something for everyone--slides, lazy rivers, and a wavepool. It's definitely expensive, so look for coupons somewhere or maybe get tickets from Kroger.

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