Dr. Kent Sullivan VMD, Dr. Deborah Kemper DVM.

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4310 Sand Canyon Rd, Somis, California 93066


West Coast Equine is a full service equine veterinary hospital located in Ventura County. This new, beautiful facility offers high quality equine medicine and surgery to the southern California area.
-The hospital is fully equipped and offers diagnostic procedures, treatment, surgery and hospitalization for the majority of equine illnesses.
-The doctors and staff strive to provide thorough and compassionate care to all of our patients.
-Outpatient exams such as lameness and performance exams, prepurchase exams and routine general care are also available.
-Ambulatory services are provided to the local horse owners, stables and ranches.

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  • Anynomous
    01 December 2023

    Katya is an integral part of our Vet Tech team here at West Coast Equine. She began as a volunteer with us and always wanted to come back and join the team as a tech! We are so glad she did! Katya is an avid rider who has always loved horses. Her favorite part of being a tech is helping the horses make a full recovery and seeing them load back onto the trailer to go home!

  • Anynomous
    29 November 2023

    Happy National Veterinary Technician week to all of our wonderful technicians here at West Coast! The role of a vet tech is to provide professional healthcare in conjunction with our veterinarians but there is so much more to our job duties than that! We are the faces you see comforting your sick horse, hanging the fluid bags, running blood work,, providing treatments, notifying the doctors of any changes (you should see how excited we get over manure output!), making sure ou...r great ranch hands have your water buckets filled, assisting in x-rays, placing catheters, prepping for procedures,running anesthesia, the list goes on. Overall, we are the middle man but we are also the ones who form the bonds with our long term patients, put in the blood,sweat and many tears to make them feel better medically and emotionally. We are that shoulder to lean on when your ending isn’t the happiest and the ones you high five when your horse is loading back onto the trailer! We love being vet tech’s for all of your over-sized lap dogs and just know they are in good loving hands here at West Coast Equine!

    And yes, we do look at all horses as lovingly as our tech Bree is looking at King in this picture!

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  • Anynomous
    20 November 2023

    All the staff here at West Coast Equine are thrilled to be part of Mambo's recovery from a colic episode; some oral and intravenous fluids and extra love from our doctors and staff got Mambo back to his charming self. Here he is all set to go home and continue his training as a movie horse! Keep an eye out for his gorgeous face next time your at the cinema!

  • Anynomous
    13 November 2023

    Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? Even though September is drawing to a close, it is never too late to get a plan and disaster kit ready, especially in California! For more checklists like the one pictured here and for information and tips on how to keep your horses (and your human family members) safe in different disasters, visit www.cal-cares.com .

  • Anynomous
    09 November 2023

    As the days get shorter and the breeding season draws to a close, we can't help but get excited to meet all the new foals in 340 days! We had a great year with lots of pregnancies so happy gestation to all the horse moms out there!

  • Anynomous
    07 November 2023

    Dr. Dulio Domingos joins us from Brazil, where he graduated from the University of Uberaba-MG. He did several externship programs in Brazil and spent 3 months at Sharjah Equine Hospital in the United Arab Emirates, where he wrote his thesis on the stay apparatus in horses. After graduating, he worked as an ambulatory and orthopedic vet at Equimove before becoming a WCE intern. Dulio is passionate about horse orthopedics and is very interested in learning about MRI. Like most Brazilians, he is passionate about sports, including soccer and basketball. He hopes to learn to surf in California in his spare time. Dulio Assis

  • Anynomous
    02 November 2023

    Gastric ulcer disease affects from 50-90% of horses, particularly performance horses. Recently, researchers have divided the disease into 2 categories: Equine squamous gastric disease and equine glandular gastric disease. Although, the symptoms are indistinguishable, the treatments can be different. One of the most important factors during a gastroscopy, is having an empty stomach so the entire area can be visualized and having the knowledge, ability and proper equipment to f...ully evaluate the findings during the procedure. At West Coast Equine, we perform gastroscopys routinely, have a high quality gastroscope with a large monitor and, if the horses come in the night before, perform the necessary procedures of food and water removal in an attempt to have the best possible examination. We are considering hosting a gastroscopy clinic at our hospital on Wednesday Oct. 23. The gastroscopy exam will be half price and team members from Merial will be here to discuss treatment options. Horses that qualify must be in training or showing. Please let us know if you are interested so we can reserve that date!

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  • Anynomous
    13 October 2023

    Happy Labor Day from the team at West Coast Equine! If you are manning the BBQ, hanging by the beach or enjoying the final days of summer at the ranch. Thank the people that brought us the labor union movement and our 3 day weekend!

  • Anynomous
    08 October 2023

    Looks like spots run in the family! This little filly was the first foal from a older maiden mare, so she is a bit small to start. Some call her Speck since she is smaller than a spot, but her barn name may be Smudge. What a cutie and congratulations to her new family.

  • Anynomous
    05 October 2023

    As you know, it takes a team to make success happen. Here is some of our WCE best getting a patient ready for surgery. We can hardly call it a job when we all love what we do!!

  • Anynomous
    29 September 2023

    We are happy to introduce our new intern veterinarian, Dr. Alice O’Byrne. She was born in Canada but traced her Irish heritage back to Ireland to attend vet school in Dublin (If you ask her, she will tell you that Guinness tastes much better in Ireland). We are happy that she wanted a break from the rain and snow and decided to come work in sunny California! When she is not working, Dr. O’Byrne loves exploring in nature - if you pop in for a visit, she’d love to hear your favorite hike!

  • Anynomous
    18 September 2023

    This weekend we had the pleasure of sending one of our cutest patients home with his amazing owners. We are all sad to see him leave but the chocolate chip cookies baked by his family help ease the sadness!

    Duke had a Trichobezoar, which is an accumulation of hair and fur that eventually grow into hard rocks within the intestines resulting in an obstruction. Duke's pre-surgery x-ray shows just how dense Trichobezoar can get! Duke's trichobezoar was located at the pelvic flexure of the large colon and was successfully removed surgically.

    We wish Duke the best of luck as he continues to heal from his surgery in the company of his family and friends!

  • Anynomous
    11 September 2023

    We are so lucky to have 3 wonderful French veterinary students visiting us for 6 weeks. We are trying to learn a bit of French and they are learning tons here helping us out in the hospital and out on calls. Here a Spanish mare gives a French girl a hug! When you see them with us, say "Bonjour!"

  • Anynomous
    03 September 2023

    As spring ends and summer begins, it’s that time of year where we say goodbye to our 2018/19 interns.

    Here are a few words from our doctors.

    “It has been a memorable journey being able to complete an internship here among the amazing staff of West Coast Equine. I would like to thank all the clients I have met over the year for their trust in caring for their loved ones. I have expanded my knowledge and skill of equine medicine during the course of this year and am excited t...o see where life takes me next” - Dr. Brenda Stadelmann

    "Completing an internship at West Coast Equine has been a fascinating, challenging, and rewarding experience. I am so grateful to our clients, patients, and all the staff at WCE; they have taught me so much, and I will cherish what I have learned here. I can't wait for what is next for me; regardless of where I end up, I am certain that all the knowledge I have gained will help guide me into the future." - Dr. Karen Helfrich

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  • Anynomous
    29 July 2023

    We had a pony parade at the hospital! All these little guys are doing better, and some have already gone home!

  • Anynomous
    18 July 2023

    Fun Fact: Part 1.3

    Fun Fact: Neonatal Isoerythrolysis is a risk in every mule pregnancy, since all donkeys carry a unique factor termed "donkey factor." This factor is not present in horses, and due to this, neonatal isoerythrolysis occurs in about 10% of all mule foals.

  • Anynomous
    13 July 2023

    Fun Fact: Part 1.2 - Do horses have a universal blood donor?

    (Answer below!)

  • Anynomous
    08 July 2023

    Fun Fact: PART 1.1 - Blood Transfusions

    Horses have 7 different red blood cell groups (A,C,D,K,P,Q, & U). Each blood group has at least two different allergenic factors (for example: the 'A' blood group has a,b,c,d,e,f, and g). These factors can be combined in all combinations (ex. Aa, Abf, Aaeg, etc), which means that horses can theoretically have over 400,000 different combinations of blood factors!