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Location :
730 Us Highway 66 E, Tell City, IN 47586, USA

Opening Hours

  • Monday Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday Open 24 hours
  • Thursday Open 24 hours
  • Friday Open 24 hours
  • Saturday Open 24 hours
  • Sunday Open 24 hours

13 Reviews

  • Anynomous
    17 June 2023

    Reasonably priced, busy store. Need more checkouts open or at least checkers who can check faster.

  • Anynomous
    23 May 2023

    It's Tell City walmart..... Incompetent employees. Only shop there if I don't have any other choice. Use self check. You'll get a better shoping experience.

  • Anynomous
    17 May 2023

    I have one prescription every month that is never ready when I go to pick my prescriptions up. I call and order them a couple days ahead of me picking them up. The excuse is that they were out of that medicine. It's the SAME prescription, EVERY month. My prescriptions are cheaper at Wal-Mart then any other place is why I still get them from Wal-Mart.

  • Anynomous
    24 April 2023

    Most associates have zero product knowledge, don't know how to do their jobs.
    I prefer helpful, friendly service.

  • Anynomous
    01 March 2024

    It's a typical Wal-Mart, not enough customer service representative at the check outs.
    20 plus ck out isle and 3 open.
    But it does have all the made in China products that they all have.

  • Anynomous
    02 January 2024

    Was pleasantly surprised by the size and variety available at this location. This place was larger than some I've seen next to interstates. Just WOW!!! And more cashiers at the cash registers, unlike the majority around.

  • Anynomous
    03 December 2023

    Staff blocking way to get thru and don't bother moving. Will just ignore you

  • Anynomous
    25 November 2023

    cant keep nothing right as far as my wifes medicine and my sons medicine been on the same stuff for 8 years and dealing with walmart for 2 and they need to learn what they are doing

  • Anynomous
    12 September 2023

    Easy to find what I needed and got out pretty quickly, not a huge Walmart fan though

  • Anynomous
    31 August 2023

    It's a well run Wal-Mart. It has many of the same problems as the rest of them but it really does have nice people working there.

  • Anynomous
    21 August 2023

    Thus time they had everything I need on the shelf most of the time they haven't stocked their shelf's

  • Anynomous
    07 July 2023

    Workers are always ready to help if needed. Friendly. Store has great buys.

  • Anynomous
    21 June 2023

    Not bad, given other Walmart experiences I've had. Ought to bring back the arcade, though. And the family portrait studio.