Wally Bites - healthy, homemade, tasty dog treats. Made with love, for your love.

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Meadowbrook Blvd, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118
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At Wally Bites, we believe in homemade, healthy, tasty dog treats. Made with fresh, human-grade ingredients, our treats are a reward you can feel good about giving your dog!

Wally Bites does NOT believe in using fillers (corn/soy/wheat), artificial coloring or flavors, added sugar or salt in our treats. We use ingredients that are GOOD for your dog. They're so tasty, you can eat them, too (but we recommend spoiling your pooch, instead)!

Made in a real kitchen (not a factory), with real ingredients (no fake stuff), and packaged in eco-friendly bags (recycle them when you're done...save the trees!), we're all about making treats with love, for YOUR love.

Please take a moment to explore our Facebook page. Take a look at some of our photos, which highlight current flavors and what goes into our special treats. If you'd like to purchase a bag (or 5..or 10..), please feel free to message us, or send us an email at wallybtreats@gmail.

1/2 pound bag (8 oz.): $5.99
1 pound bag (16 oz.): $10.99

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