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4902 E Broadway, Madison, WI 53716, USA


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4902 E Broadway, Madison, WI 53716, USA

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17 Reviews

  • Anynomous
    29 April 2018

    Wait was quick, everyone was helpful and friendly. Vet communicated clearly what was going on. Not more expensive than what I was expecting.

  • Anynomous
    11 April 2018

    Our older dog declined quickly last night and needed immediate care. All the individuals we worked with were kind, compassionate, and professional. It is never easy to lose a dear furry friend; however, VES made the experience as positive as is possible.

  • Anynomous
    01 April 2018

    I am revising my initial review that I left of VES 8 months ago. Originally, I had such a bad experience the first time I took my cat here and wanted to avoid this place at any expense in the future. My cat was diagnosed with severe heart disease by our primary vet, but VES came to be a second home for my cat Rudy. Most of Rudy's symptoms and attacks occurred outside of normal business hours which left us to take Rudy to VES. Rudy, since being diagnosed with heart disease, went to VES a total of 9 times and although the first experience was not pleasant the remainder of them were. Each time we would call to bring Rudy in the staff made it their prompt attention to care for him immediately. He was always taken in as soon as he got there and given the needed medical attention. The vets at VES gave us heartfeldt advice on how to care for him. Even though sometimes there advice wasn't what my husband and I thought was best they never forced us one way or another to make the decision they thought was best. I commend VES staff for there outstanding knowledge and ability to try to care for my cat the best that they could. While I hope I will not have to take any of my other pets into emergency care any time soon I would not hesitate to bring them here.

  • Anynomous
    26 March 2018

    My cat got sick, showing signs of a seizure so we called we were bringing him in.We got there around 15 mins later and we had to wait an addtional 20 mins before a vet saw him. They were dismissive of my concern and told me he would be fine. He DIED two weeks later from a seizure at only 3 years old. I know that every illness can't be cured but I feel if they took my concerns seriously he could have been properly diagnosed and we could have lessened his pain in his final days.

  • Anynomous
    07 January 2018

    I had to bring my kitty in on New Years Day-I didn't know how really sick he was, I figured he was bad because of his behavior and not eating. Well it was really bad-- he was super anemic and had some form of cancer. Without doing more tests, we could not be sure exactly what type of cancer it was. You see...this kitty was very special to me, he was a very shy, hesitant and not a confident cat. He did seem to trust me though. He was a failed foster, I ended up keeping him! The vet (Alicia) gave us several options of which none really had a good outcome. After a very candid discussion with her, I knew I had to let my boy go. She was very sympathetic and thought that this was probably best considering his disposition and the long road to recovery. About a week later, I received a sympathy letter and Alicia wrote a personal note about "Waylon"- she too saw how special and sweet he really was. She has no idea how much that helped in my healing- especially since that was an extremely busy day. Thank you Alicia and to all of the staff, they were all very compassionate and professional!!

  • Anynomous
    25 October 2017

    Our cat Clark Griswold had a blocked urinary track. The vet worked within our budget to unblock him and recommended we visit our local vet for surgery. I was pleased with the level of care our cat got while in their care. Pictures are from after his surgery...hes doing well!

  • Anynomous
    17 September 2017

    We had an emergency today when our puggle started bleeding profusely from his arm. After several attempts to stop the bleeding and puddles of blood all over our floor and all over our walls, we rushed our pup to the clinic. The staff was wonderful! They recognized that we were fearful for the life our pup and were also on a somewhat restricted budget. After several hours they were able to stop the bleeding, remove a potentially cancerous mass from his arm (which is believed to have been the cause of the bleeding), and clean up our pup's damaged tissue. We are so grateful and thankful to the staff for saving our little guy and for charging us a very reasonable price.

  • Anynomous
    09 August 2017

    I brought my dog in when she was in labor but not having contractions. They helped her thru ad delivered the pups safely. They were clear and upfront on pricing and very fair. They helped us so much and gave great care. They sent us home with much info on what to expect and do going forward to care for the mother and pups.

  • Anynomous
    03 August 2017

    Our puppy started coughing out of nowhere to the point where he couldn't catch his breath and started to foam at the mouth. Being 8:00 PM on a Thursday night this was our only option. They got him in immediately and they were very patient with my girlfriend and I and kept us informed as to what they were doing. They were also very understanding that money could be an issue and made sure they weren't doing unnecessary exams on him. After a few shots and x rays he was diagnosed with kennel cough and got an antibiotic, coming out to a total of $300. It was very comforting that they put the health of our puppy before money, especially in an experience like that. They even called to check on him a few days later. Overall good experience given the situation.

  • Anynomous
    30 July 2017

    My cat Maxie of 14 yrs. had to be put to sleep. It was a difficult and emotional decision. The staff was very friendly, empathetic and understanding. Prices were less than I expected. Considering the circumstances this experience was great and this clinic made it easy. They put Maxie on a comfie pillow with warm blankie to make sure his last moments were comfortable.

  • Anynomous
    13 July 2017

    This place really didn't leave a good taste in my mouth... It took them 5 hours to do an x-ray and give my cat a shot. I didn't get out until nearly 2 am after waiting about 25 minutes for them to go to the back to get my cat. $300 dollars later they really didn't impress me. I will avoid this place at all costs... The receptionist Ryan was not very welcoming either. I feel this place doesn't show a great deal of remorse but rather is more money hungry... just like any other for profit business... money makes their world go round.

  • Anynomous
    17 June 2017

    My dog Jude received care at VES last night for a neck injury. The staff was amazing. Everyone I encountered was friendly and understanding. The doctor that treated my dog went over everything in detail regarding care and future treatment. I was very worried about him, and the cost, but found the prices were much more reasonable than I had expected. So thankful for the kind staff for being there to care for my sweet dog during such late hours. He's not out of the dark yet, but hopefully his condition will improve.

  • Anynomous
    10 October 2016

    We brought our dog in to be euthanized on a Sunday. He was aggressive and had issues with both people and dogs. I'm thrilled with the hours and ability to be seen right away. However, I'm less than thrilled with some of the practices of this clinic.

    First, you would assume vets and vet techs know at least some animal psychology, and stepping over an aggressive dog, even a sedated one, is just not a great idea. Not only does it put them at risk, it stresses our the dog, and the owners who are already pretty stressed at this point.

    Secondly, when you check on the status of the sedation and the dog is still awake and coherent, it shouldn't take another 20 minutes before someone comes back without an answer.

    Lastly, when I'm on the floor, sobbing over my dog, my best friend, how dare you step over my dog and hand me a bill to sign. I'm sure there's a lot of red tape and beauracracy when it comes to medical clinics, animal or otherwise, but when I'm saying goodbye to my best friend, trying to sooth him and convince him to just let go and fall asleep, that is exactly NOT the time I should be pulling out my credit card. Or filling out paper work.

    All the compassion and understanding offered by the vet and techs was wiped out by the poor standard practices exhibited by almost all staff members. Please, please, work on your timing. No one should have to sign the bill for their pet's euthanasia, over top of their sedated pet.

  • Anynomous
    29 September 2016

    Always know your options, and which one to take before making any decisions. They have effectively doubled my bill because i was unsure of my options. I feel as though they should have been told me every choice to begin with, rather than just put keep him here and "monitor him" for over two days wracking up $$$ or death. There clearly were more options. Now hes getting surgery at another location when that should have been the thing to do initially or at least sooner.

  • Anynomous
    06 June 2016

    First off, if you need emergency vet care, this place is open 24 hrs and is equipped to handle the medical treatment of your pet. That's why they get more than one star.

    With that said, be emotionally prepared to feel as if this is highway robbery (conveniently, they're next to the highway). As of writing this, there is an $82 "emergency fee" just for being seen and a large bandage somehow costs over $100. I have never walked out of this establishment having spent less than $400 (both times) for non life threatening skin lacerations. The second time I thought I was prepared and asked if there was any way to reduce cost, at which point the vet tech gave me a terrible look, was visibly flustered, and acted shocked that I would even ask such a question. So be prepared to be guilted as well.

  • Anynomous
    30 May 2016

    Expensive, as you would expect from an all hours emergency animal clinic. However I must give them exceptional due to the compassion they showed for a family with an emergency and not much to spend. Their treatment+skill is above par as well.

  • Anynomous
    05 May 2016

    After reading some of the recent negative reviews, I was a little nervous to bring my cat there - but it was a weekend, he wasn't urinating and I knew I had to get him somewhere very quickly, so I brought my cat Tucker in last weekend. I was SO impressed with them from the very beginning! They took my concerns seriously, gave me three easy-to-understand options at various price points, then stayed on top of checking in with me regularly for the next couple of days. My cat had to have his bladder flushed for crystals/stones, and my final bill came in well under the initial estimate. I could tell from the updates from the veterinarians and staff that they were taking great care of him and keeping him as comfortable as possible. They called today to follow up and see how he was doing, which just put the frosting on the cake of a great experience. I wouldn't hesitate to take my pet there any time!