The VapeBar MHK is a family owned e-cigarette shop in Manhattan, KS. We provide a quality atmosphere, vaping products and supplies.


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Vaping is the act of inhaling water vapor through a personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette. Vaping eliminates 4000 chemicals and carcinogenic compounds that come from real cigarettes, without compromising the act of 'smoking' itself. Vaping can also contain nicotine as an option for maximized effect of cigarette smoking.

Is it Safe?

Obviously, the safest thing to do is to quit smoking altogether. There are many questions left to be answered about e-cigarettes, since "vaping" is a rather new practice. but there are now more promising studies that show that "vaping" is a much safer practice than smoking tobacco. One thing to be sure of, e-cigarettes do not contain the 4000 toxic chemical that come from smoking the traditional cigarette.

Here are just a few of the positives of Vapor vs Cigarettes

-No nasty smoke smell in your hair, clothes, car, house...no smell clinging to you at all.
-No more cigarette burns.
-No more smoking outside. You can even vape in bed! No more ashtrays to clean.
-No more worrying about offending anyone standing nearby.


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