Formerly known as The New Telford Inn.

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146 N Main St, Telford, Pennsylvania 18969
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The Rock Lounge at Cheers & Beers is now booking new bands. Formerly known as The New Telford Inn, The Rock Lounge is striving to be "the" go to spot for some of the area's best entertainment! Featuring Quality local rock, metal, punk and indy acts as well as cover bands and open-mic nights. We are always looking for new talent and will be booking bands accordingly with others from the same genre to create a new scene in this area where local music has always been so prevalent. This is a new venue that has local music as its top priority, a venue that we can all call home as we begin or continue on our paths to pursue our rock n roll wet dreams! Maybe that's going too far but definitely a place for the music lover to feel at home!

for booking contact
Jack @ 215 264 5915
Eric @ 215 723 7668