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Place Types : Education, Political Organization
Address : 228 Park Ave S, New York, New York 10003
Coordinate : 40.73772, -73.9887
Phone : (954) 346-2788
Email :
Social : facebook.com/support.ukraine.us
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Website : supportukraine.us/ twitter.com /supportukraine_
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Support Ukraine?

    Support Ukraine is located at: 228 Park Ave S, New York, New York 10003.

  • Want to book a hotel in New York?

    We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs. Compare and book now!

  • What is the phone number of Support Ukraine?

    You can try to dialing this number: (954) 346-2788 - or find more information on their website: supportukraine.us/ twitter.com /supportukraine_

  • Where are the coordinates of the Support Ukraine?

    Latitude: 40.73772
    Longitude: -73.9887

About the Business:

Increase profits, support democracy, cloudsource to Ukraine.

What Other Say:

User (04/10/2017 10:51)
Why don't we have enough opportunities to lead? What can be done to help change the ratio? Join us for the 1st edition of Skirt the Rules!, an online series about women leadership featuring Rachel Samren, Maria Teresa Arnal and Susan Fonseca Lanham Friday, October 13 @11:00 a.m. EDT. Register http://wheresheworks.com/skirt-the-rules/

User (16/12/2014 04:00)
Ladies & Gentlemen, It is our pleasure to present English version of the Economic Newsletter put together by the Economic Section of the Embassy of #Ukraine in the #US
Enjoy it at: http://bit.ly/1A9LfLy

User (15/12/2014 20:00)
#StopRussianAggression #RussianGetOutOfUkraine National Security & Defense Council: There were no fallen among Ukrainian servicemen or civilians for the past 24 hours
"There were no losses among Ukrainian servicemen or civilians yesterday. At the same time, terrorist delivered 14 shooting attacks. Yesterday OSCE mission also confirmed that the buffer zone agreed upon in Minsk is dangerous at the moment and risk of the conflict escalation remains."
... Read more: http://bit.ly/1zc5Lgj
See More

User (12/12/2014 04:00)
#StopRussianPropaganda Ukraine Crisis Media Center: Top 7 examples of Russian propaganda Part of Russian journalists have never been very objective in their work; however, the aggression against Ukraine has raised their bias to a whole new level. Evolving from simply distorting the facts, today’s Russian media uses classic Soviet-style propaganda techniques to mislead its audience and completely reshape their political views. Today, no one is still wondering why Putin held such great admiration for Joseph Goebbels. Details: http://bit.ly/1B1SvKe

User (11/12/2014 23:00)
#StopRussianAggression #RussianGetOutOfUkraine National Security and Defense Council: Fire was opened 16 times in the ATO zone since the “silence regime” was announced "For the first time in quite a while Ukrainian servicemen in the East did not suffer losses. No cases of Ukrainian servicemen killed or wounded were observed. The number and intensity of shelling in the East of Ukraine decreased. Since the bilateral ceasefire regime was announced fire was opened 16 times, all cases are qualified as provocations." Read more: http://bit.ly/1siFkzj

User (11/12/2014 22:00)
#FreeSavchenko "The continued detention of Ukraine Air Force officer #Savchenko by the Russian state is a flagrant breach of all fundamental international laws & conventions." Please, see a new joint project of Ukraine's Foreign Ministry & Ukraine's TV Channel 1+1 on Nadiya Savchenko http://bit.ly/1yz4xwu

User (11/12/2014 20:52)
“Men fight wars, and women mourn them,” says documentary photographer Anastasia Taylor-Lind. With stark, arresting images from the Maidan protests in Ukraine, the TED Fellow shows us intimate faces from the revolution. A grim and beautiful talk. Details: http://bit.ly/1yzcjGz

User (02/12/2014 04:00)
#StopRussianPropaganda #NATO TV Channel: Ukraine: where are all the fascists? "If the Russian media is to be believed, Ukraine is a country bordering on chaos, with fascists taking over the country following an illegal coup. We visit Lviv in western Ukraine to try and find evidence of this claim, but find tolerance and unity instead." Details: http://bit.ly/1tzhIpv

User (01/12/2014 23:00)
#StopRussianAggression National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine: Confrontation Between Gangs of Terrorists Escalates "Thus, the militants publicly accuse each other of embezzling and stealing goods brought from Russia. Fights for the control of territories and ability to rob them become tougher." Read more: http://bit.ly/1xWY6Ow

User (28/11/2014 06:00)
Attack on #OSCE Monitors in Eastern #Ukraine Press Statement, Jen Psaki, U.S. Department of State Spokesperson "The United States condemns the reported attack on an OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) team traveling between Kirove and Shumy in eastern Ukraine on November 26. These shots appear to have been fired from separatist-controlled territory." Read more: http://1.usa.gov/1uJgnwr

Awesome initiative!

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