Road To Fitness is a personal training focused fitness industry that also offers workout classes, nutritional guidance, and many other fitness services.

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600 Superior Ave E, Cleveland, Ohio 44114


Road to Fitness personal trainers, training and physical fitness, was created with overall health and wellness in mind. We specialize in all levels of health and personal fitness, from experienced athletes who need sport specific training, as well as body builders training for contests. If we can train experienced athletes and body builders, then the everyday person wanting to get in better shape through diet and exercise is a breeze. Whether you’re a man or women, young, middle aged or a senior, we will help you reach your personal fitness goals and get you on a path to a longer healthier life.

Many people today are overwhelmed with hectic lifestyles and do not make good use of their time when it comes to working out. Everyone starts a personal exercise training program with good intentions but ends up losing motivation fast because of two main reasons, the lack of knowledge and outside influences. Those influences being our jobs, and family. Combine that with the number of restaurants Cleveland Ohio has to offer and it's no wonder once the initial motivation wears off, progress and interest in personal training and physical fitness comes to a screeching halt.

Our personal trainers instruction focuses on fitness and nutritional guidance to help the individual change their mind set from being focused on appearance, to a more balanced lifestyle involving diet and exercise. Road to Fitness personal trainers offer everyday food tips and food substitutions to make painless and satisfying changes in eating habits. Once the person accepts that the mind is just as important as training the body, change will happen. That is what we base our personal training on. Until then, many people will continue to battle back and forth with physical appearance and lifestyle.