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Address : 100 E Main St, Bison, South Dakota 57620
Coordinate : 45.5222581, -102.4657364
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Phone : +16052445243
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Social : facebook.com/361860757224244
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Website : perkinscounty.org
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Monday: 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday: 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday: 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday: 08:00 - 17:00
Friday: 08:00 - 17:00
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About the Business:

Law Enforcement


Bison, South Dakota 57620

What Other Say:

User (15/08/2019 23:29)
School is starting next week in Perkins County and what a better time to talk about school bus safety. Remember if yellow lights are flashing on a school bus you need to prepare to stop, and if red lights are flashing you must stop.
We will be patrolling near school busses throughout the year and stopping violators, make sure that violator isn’t you! Stay safe this school year!

User (14/08/2019 22:43)
Read this article, and take note that this situation was not related to the Sturgis Bike Rally. This stuff happens daily, and it's closer to you than you think.
Pay attention to what your kids are doing, and who they are talking to.

User (13/08/2019 02:39)
Sheriff Serr and Chief Deputy Goldsmith presented Deb Ruen from Lemmon SAFE Communities with a Certificate of Appreciation at today’s Lunch n Learn. Deb has done more for our communities than most will ever know. She has been a fantastic resource for our Office and someone we can always call on about drug and alcohol prevention. Deb is retiring from her position at Safe Communities. She will be greatly missed by our communities. Thank you Deb.

User (09/08/2019 05:04)
We’re starting to get mixed reports and want to clear the air. This funny looking 8-sided sign does serve a purpose is not only for decoration.
No, the letters on the front of the sign is not an acronym for something it is the word STOP and means that you need to stop at or before that particular sign. A little secret, slowing down and rolling through the sign does not count as a stop either.
I know this may be a game changer for some people so we want to get the word out. Following our advice will likely save you from being stopped by police, getting a citation, or possibly even prevent you from getting into a crash. So...you’re welcome. #KeepSDSafe #StopMeansStop #YourWelcome

User (06/08/2019 03:58)
We would like to welcome our newest Deputy to the PCSO. Ryan Serr comes to us as a certified officer from Faith PD. Ryan is a local guy and we know he will be a great asset to our team. Help us to welcome Ryan to the area.

User (05/08/2019 03:27)
***Owner has been found***
This pup apparently had some anger to burn off and found its way to All The Rage in Lemmon. Help us find this guys owner. He can claimed at All The Rage on Main Street in Lemmon.

User (03/08/2019 07:00)
It’s #Fairweekend. Come on out and see us this weekend in #Bison and take in the festivities! #PCFair

User (02/08/2019 22:34)
If you’re planning to travel on Date Road next week it isn’t going to be real easy without a road over the culverts. Plan accordingly.

User (30/07/2019 23:45)
Perkins County Jury Returns Guilty Verdict in Kidnapping and Rape Case

User (30/07/2019 09:53)
An official press release to come.

User (23/07/2019 22:00)
The two year project is finally nearing completion. Hang in there a few more weeks and we'll have ourselves a couple of brand new roads. Here is South Dakota Department of Transportation latest video update.

User (20/07/2019 22:46)
It’s a beautiful day in Perkins County. Get out and enjoy the weather. Stay safe, obey the law, and be kind to each other! #PCSO #SaturdayFunDay

User (19/07/2019 23:07)
If you plan on celebrating National Daiquiri day today make sure you’re celebrating with a designated driver. Nothing ruins a national day more than a trip to jail. #KeepSDSafe #NationalDaiquiriDay #DesignatedDriver

User (18/07/2019 06:39)
Hey kids! The youth challenge is a go for this August. What a great experience for our youth. Get signed up today to guarantee your spot!

User (17/07/2019 22:50)
Trying out a new built in speed bump looks like.

User (17/07/2019 20:38)
Update. Highway 79 is open.
Plan accordingly. SD 79 is closed from Reva to SD 168 junction due to flooding and road damage.

User (17/07/2019 00:25)
It appears that we may be in for some severe weather tonight. Be alert to changing weather this afternoon into this evening and have a plan.

User (15/07/2019 03:29)
Thanks for another fun and safe #BossCowman2019!

User (14/07/2019 22:34)
#BossCowman2019 has come to an end. It was great seeing everyone over the weekend. Thank you to everyone for behaving (for the most part) this weekend. We love interacting and talking with everyone and enjoyed all the fun selfies. Unfortunately, I think Sheriff Serr may have made it through the weekend without anyone posting a #PCSOSelfie with him. If you did get one with him post it in the comments! He’s a sneaky one when it comes to avoiding the camera!
It’s going to be another HOT one today. I think it’ll be a good day to hang out in the air conditioning. If you are outside please be cautious not to overheat and be aware of the signs of heat stroke.
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