Garden Creamery

California, United States
Place Types : Ice Cream Shop
Address : 3566 20th St, San Francisco, California 94110
Coordinate : 37.75873, -122.42038
Phone : (808) 224-6626
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Rating : 5.00
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About the Business:

20TH & LEXINGTON, SF (3566 20TH ST)
sweet cold treats
Produced in small batches from scratch with Straus dairy & luscious coconut milk.
Trucking & Catering

What Others Say about this business:

User (13/05/2019 04:13)
So honored to have felt a love like this ❤️ Growing up, everywhere we went people would tell us how much they loved our mom... Always greeting people with a big, genuine smile! She was our biggest supporter and her teachings still transcend in our hearts. Through GC, we strive to give back the same feelings of Aloha our mom imprinted in us. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. You do the work of angels and you do not go unappreciated or unnoticed 👑

User (05/05/2019 00:55)
It may not be a Corona but it sure tastes like a celebration 🎉🍨 Celebrate Cinco De Mayo this weekend with us at the GC shop! Some new additions to the case: 🍚🍫Nibby Arroz con Leche is back with @dandelionchocolate Hacienda Azul, Costa Rica cocoa nibs 🍓Strawberries & Cream is finally in season with a blend of @rodriguezfarms and @fenellasberries! ☕️ Lychee Black Tea (vegan)... . . 📸 @changgang__ 💖
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User (27/04/2019 04:44)
🌺Happy Aloha Friday 🌺 . NEW FLAVORS added to the lineup! (PS our custardy BUTTER MOCHI is now a topping!) 💛 Hawaiian Gold... Kauai-grown turmeric & ginger 🍚 Chocolate Mochi Velvety Chocolate with mochi bits 🍫Whatchamacallit Our favorite caramel chocolate coated crispy candy bar folded into sweet cream @ Garden Creamery
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User (20/04/2019 00:56)
TOMORROW! Come celebrate!! #Repost @dandelionchocolate ・・・ To celebrate and kick off our new factory Grand Opening, Mayor @londonbreed will be cutting the ribbon off the loading dock on Saturday April 20th at 2pm. There'll be s’mores and @gardencreamery @dandelionchocolate ice-cream to sweeten the occasion. 2600 16th Street. We look forward to seeing you there! #dandelionchocolate #16thstreetfactory #sanfrancisco. 📸 @ericwolfinger

User (14/04/2019 02:02)
@eatwhateveryouwant has her hands full, come get yours !!!🌴☀️🌈 NEW FLAVORS in case: 🌸 Sakura Sencha (ice cream) Steamed green tea with pickled 🍒 blossom 🍚 Nibby Arroz con Leche... Thai Jasmine rice with @dandelionchocolate Hacienda Azul cocoa nibs 🌴Salty Kaya is BACK! Southeast Asian Coconut Jam 🥥with sweet Pandan and coconut sugar . . 📸 @eatwhateveryouwant 💕
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User (06/04/2019 06:40)
🌈🌈NOW SCOOPING🌈🌈 🌸 Sakura Sencha #nondairy One of our favorite vegan flavors that tastes like steamy green tea leaves & salty, pickled plum. This flavor only comes during the season of cherry blossoms! 🍫 Dandelion Chocolate 70% Kokoa Kamili Incredible tasting notes of sweet pineapple and golden caramel. Hands down the creamiest @icecream we’ve ever tasted thanks to all the NATURAL cocoa butterfat 🙌🏼... Our neighbors @dandelionchocolate craft amazing bean-to-bar chocolate and we couldn’t be more excited to create a flavor with them that we truly feel captures the essence of their 🍫. Come get a lick and let us know what ya think!
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User (01/04/2019 04:47)
Ice cream vibes kinda day here at GC 🌈🍦💕 . . 📸 @goldenbeauti.bri 💖

User (30/03/2019 07:38)
@icecream and aloha shirts is how we are kicking off the weekend! 👕🌺 Thanks nail goddess @sfnoma 💅🏼 for bringing Mr. Kenzo in for ice cream and our dose of furry friend feels 🥰 PS... can anyone guess @kowabunga.kenzo‘s favorite flavor??? . .... 📸 @kowabunga.kenzo @ Garden Creamery
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User (28/03/2019 01:07)
Hey guys, we just came into the shop to find our scoop case glass shattered. We will not be open today and will post updates on reopening once we are able to speak with someone that repairs glass on these Italian cases. Stay posted and our apologies for any inconveniences ❤️

User (28/03/2019 00:59)
Hey guys, we just came into the shop to find our scoop case glass shattered (was not shattered maliciously, likely due to a delivery). We will not be open today and will post updates on reopening once we are able to speak with someone that repairs glass on these Italian cases. Stay posted and our apologies for any inconveniences ❤️

User (24/03/2019 01:54)
Who’s ready for a little sunshine? We know we are! Come taste the 🌈 🍦 . . 📸 @feedmeimei PS go check out @feedmeimei to enter to win some GC @icecream!!!

User (22/03/2019 09:03)
👑Happy Birthday to Queen V 👑 We ALL ❤️ you so much!! XOXO GC Fam

User (25/02/2019 02:15)
Wow, it’s been 2 years since we’ve been open at 20th & Lexington. 2 YEARS!!! There are no words for how much we appreciate all of our amazing customers, friends and last but not least, our amazing crew. We operate with a very small but amazing team and we are so appreciative of our team today and members that were with us in the beginning #chosenfamily 🙏🏼 We are so excited for more things to come. We ❤️ you all! 🌈🍦 . .... Thank you fam @goodvibesonly_om & @asialauren_ for these beautiful GC 🍪 ‘s!! 💋
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User (23/02/2019 05:56)
Now SCOOPING!! Kaya jam on a cone!🌴 . . Inspired by our dear friend @haileyleyy who loves her Kaya jam on toast! ... It’s Pandan-y, Coconut-y, Sweet n’ Salty every lick you take! We added a dash of extra 🧂 because it just tastes so damn GOOD!
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User (15/02/2019 02:34)
Sending ❤️ out to everyone, one scoop at a time is our motto on the daily. Swipe👉🏼 to see some 📸’s of special moments of love we’ve had the honor to share with couples over the years. . . Photo Credits (so sorry for those that are unknown)... Photo 1) Elena Zhukova Photography Photos 4 & 5) The Poffs- Husband & Wife Photo & Video
@ Garden Creamery
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User (11/02/2019 02:42)
🌻Sun’s out... get your buns out!🌻 . . NEW FLAVORS TO JOIN THE LINEUP: 🧡Golden Milk- 🥥 milk base with @diasporaco single origin turmeric, fresh ginger and a sprinkle of pepper to finish it off!... ❤️ Azuki Bean- Sweet red bean @icecream with red bean swirl for Chinese New Year! . . 📸 @vanessaaameow 💕
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User (06/02/2019 09:53)
Gung Hey Fat Choy!! . . 📸 @peachonomics ❤️

User (03/02/2019 01:26)
🌈All rainbows end at GC 🌈 Come get your cone of gold 🍦 Ok all jokes aside, come taste our newest February flavors- 🧧 NIAN GAO: delicious Chinese rice cake traditionally eaten during Chinese New Year and thought to bring great fortune! (Also one of our fav’s of the year) 🍋 Lemon Peel Sorbet: in 🥥 milk... . . 📸 @tinastastytravels 💕🌈
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User (26/01/2019 01:43)
The weekend starts at 2pm sharp! See you soon 🌺🌈🍦 #alohafriday #noworktillmonday

The Chimney Cone was out of this world!! I can't wait to get it again!!

My favorite ice cream! Tastes are very unique and rich. My favorite are the Genmaicha Jade & Matcha Gold ��� honestly everything else are stellar, too!

Loved the flavors!

It is worth going out of your way to visit and waiting in line. It is not only the best ice cream in the Mission District, San Francisco, the Bay Area, but the best ice cream that I have had. Why? Because their ice cream is made from scratch, and while others use a pre-mixed base from dairies, Garden Creamery is artisanal, DIY, and homemade. They use the highest quality ingredients. Don't be discouraged by the long lines because the service is quick and also friendly.

I was first time there, the hot chimney cone and ice cream it's perfect match! I want to go back again! But the sign said chimmey cone is only on Saturday, I probably read it wrong. :)

I loved this ice cream joint! Awesome atmosphere and awesome customer service!

I love Garden Creamery so much! The wide range of flavors are so tasty and exciting! My favorites are the Mango sticky rice, Ube pandan, Lihing guava, and the new jackfruit flavors and the brownie sundae, chimney cone ! So amazing.

I love the owners Erin+Donny and family, they are so sweet and welcoming. So Aloha � Mahalo! It's always a fun time going to Garden Creamery � It is a must!

Exceptionally creative and delicious. I want to come here everyday

Erin and her crew are pure and real, just like their ice cream!!

Best ice cream we've ever had (both the vegan and the non-vegan in the relationship agree!) -- real, fresh, saturated flavors. Soooo good.

Best Vegan ice cream in the Bay! Especially the mint Chocolate chip!

Awesome flavor and staff. Everything fresh and good.

Amazing ice cream! Hands down my favorite �� you will not leave disappointed. The flavors are so delicious and not overloaded in sugar. Everything is just right. I can’t wait to try the chimney cones next! The hard thing was trying to make a decision on which flavor to choose, they were all so good.

Amazing and unique flavors. Loved the black sesame!!!

Aloha vibes... love the high Quality ice cream & even amazing vegan choices too! I could never have just 1 scoop hahahah .

Absolutely delicious and incredible ingredients. Also, truly appreciated the non dairy and organic ingredients. The flavors were incredible. I had mango and chocolate non dairy ice cream!

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