Astro Security was started in 1962 in the Sacramento area to Astro Security Monitoring believes in protecting your property, family and pets, not just selling you a long term expensive contract. This is why we offer many different monitored and non-monitored security packages. Each one best designed for the consumer, not the alarm company. provide do-it-yourself alarm systems made in-house by Don Moore and his family. We received so many requests, we started offering install services for our security systems. We eventually expanded in three locations in Sacramento and in 1982 started a local 24 hour security alarm monitoring center. Since then, Astro Security has expanded into custom and commercial security systems, from local fast food chains to large venue sports arenas. We are still a family owned and operated company located in Sacramento. We service all of the Northern California area from the East Bay to the Foothills. We are members of the BBA, California State Alarm Association, Sacramento Area Alarm Association, and hold a California State Contractors License for the C7 trade. ACO # 5779

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Location :
4799 24th St, Sacramento, California 95822