AEMTEK is a high quality, third party laboratory that provides testing, research, training, consulting services, and sampling products for the food, environmental, water, cosmetic, supplement and nutraceutical industries.Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, AEMTEK is the lab of choice for top food providers and industrial hygienists around the U.S. For over 18 years, AEMTEK has helped clients obtain accurate, fast and reliable analytical data by providing complete solutions to ensure food safety, water quality and environmental health. At AEMTEK, our staff includes seasoned industry professionals and knowledgeable Ph.D. scientists to assist you with everything from simple result interpretation to the design of complex research projects. We have experience in every aspect of laboratory testing, from food chemistry and microbiology to product formulation and food processing technology. Our staff includes experts in the development of PCR-based pathogen detection and microbial identification tests. Our extensive expertise and experience in food mycology and rapid pathogen screening are unrivaled by other commercial food labs. We are always available and ready to serve your analytical needs! For more information about what services and products AEMTEK has to offer your business, please call us at 510-979-1979 or email us at lab@aemtek.com.

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