Adelphi Consulting Inc. provides innovative, value-driven information technology and consulting to the private/public sector. When it comes to Information Technology support, no two organizations have the exact same needs. That's why we are flexible and focused on the customer's needs. We offer a highly flexible service plans that makes it simple for you to plan and budget for appropriate IT services. Adelphi provides more than just reactive IT support. Our entire approach is based on proactivity: making sure that you're best equipped for the now – while also preparing you for the future. We offer full, high-level advisory and consulting services as part of every engagement, and we don't hide in a data center – we work directly with you! We will look for innovative ways to deliver services to your customers along with providing the end-to-end services you currently relies on.When it comes to the current servers, 3rd party applications, desktop PCs, routers, switches, firewalls, printers, wireless devices, cabling and the rest of the in-house network infrastructure, Adelphi will be right there on-site with you to ensure it all runs smoothly. From routine backups - to maintenance - to high-level strategic advice, we've got every aspect of your technology investment covered.

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Charleston, West Virginia