Uganda National Student's Association - UNSA


UNSA is an Umbrella organisation for ALL students in post primary institutions in Uganda and Ugandan students studying abroad. Its operations are supported by the Uganda Parliamentary Education Act 2008 Part VI Section 30


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UNSA is an umbrella Organisation for all students in Uganda. It was formed in 1988 to mobilise students, by virtue of the position students occupy as the vanguard of the youth and due to their endowments of enlightenment, energy and selflessness.

The UNSA membership is made up of over seven (7) million students from Secondary/High School, Tertiary & Vocational Institutions and Universities.

UNSA target beneficiaries are therefore all the young people in the post primary educational institutions.

UNSA has got ten objectives as enshrined in article 3(D) of its constitution aimed at advocating for the preservation of the rights of students.

The following are some of the specific objectives of UNSA:

To participate and seek for the preservation of Fundamental Human Rights as stipulated in the constitution of the Republic of Uganda 1995.

To guide and support all the Students of Uganda in the promotion of their academic pursuits and the achievement of successful

To foster the mobilization of students towards matters pertaining to their welfare and national development.

To promote unity and maintain cordial relationship among students and other organizations with similar objectives.

To be actively involved in the search for a relevant education system in Uganda in conjunction with the authorities concerned.

To ensure and promote mutual relationships among students and between the students, their teachers / administrators; and to
negotiate with the Uganda Government on any matters concerning students generally.

To establish and maintain solidarity with other international students’ organizations.

To promote National and International peace.

To instill in the students a spirit of discipline, interest and sense of awareness in National matters, principled pride in the
positive aspects of their cultural heritage and to formulate means by which students can advance this heritage.

To do all such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the well being of the students and development of Uganda.

These aims and objectives shall be pursued independent of any political, religious, tribal and other personal biases.


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