Janusz Korczak Institute


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Janusz Korczak Institute of medical rehabilitation of children with central nervous system lesion is a non-governmental charity establishment that provides medical care to disabled children with various forms of organic lesions and functional disorders of the brain.It was established by Dr. Haass Social Assistance Fund on June 9, 1989 on the initiative of Oleg Kutateladze and Alexander Muchnik.HistoryThe institute was named in memory of the Polish teacher, writer, physician and public figure Janusz Korczak The official estimate of the Institute's activities was reflected in the Conclusion of the Standing Committee on Social Policy of the Odessa City Council on May 17, 2000.On November 26, 2005 its name was changed for Janusz Korczak Institute for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in the psycho-physical development.Since the establishment of the Institute the head of the Institute has been Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, an expert of the United Nations Children's Fund Irina Viktorovna Galina.Medical activityFor the time of its activity the Institute has treated more than 12 thousand people with mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism and other forms of organic lesions and functional disorders of the brain.The Institute carries out a comprehensive rehabilitation of the disabled, including the author's methods developed by the staff of the Institute.


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