Burao, Somalia


Burao (Somali: Burco, Arabic: برعو) is a city in the northwestern Somalia. It serves as the capital of the Togdheer province. With over 500,000 residents.


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the city enjoys full-time electricity and a reliable water supply from groundwater. In addition, Burao's central location has contributed to its economic revival. Goods travelling to the south, central and eastern parts of Somalia all depart from the city's outskirts. Rural merchants also sell their produce on a daily basis, which attracts business.

In 2007, Burao's city authority in conjunction with development organizations and local traders opened the Burco Meat and Produce complex. One year in the making, the market has two main halls and can accommodate more than 2000 merchants.

The Burao Municipality is currently led by Mayor Mohamed Yusuf Muraad. the city has a population of over 500,000 people and also has the largest livestock market in Somalia.


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