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Address : Jaarbeursplein 6, 3503 RV Utrecht
Coordinate : 52.0847332691, 5.10294656008
Phone : +31 (0) 30 295 2898
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Website : www.viv.net
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is VIV worldwide?

    VIV worldwide is located at: Jaarbeursplein 6, 3503 RV Utrecht.

  • Want to book a hotel in Utrecht?

    We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs. Compare and book now!

  • What is the phone number of VIV worldwide?

    You can try to dialing this number: +31 (0) 30 295 2898 - or find more information on their website: www.viv.net

  • Where are the coordinates of the VIV worldwide?

    Latitude: 52.0847332691
    Longitude: 5.10294656008

About the Business:

VIV worldwide is the business network linking professionals from Feed to Food. VIV is multispecies: the network and its events include poultry broilers and layers, pig, cattle & calves and aquaculture. Join us online on http://www. viv.net


VIV worldwide offers international platforms from Feed to Food, showcasing the industry's developments and bringing together supply and demand within the complete animal protein chain.

What Other Say:

User (06/08/2018 17:16)
VIV Europe 2018 Aftermovie: VIV Europe proves its world-class credentials.
Read the full review including facts & figures here: https://www.viv.net/articles/news/viv-eur ope-2018-review

User (27/06/2018 16:10)
VIV Europe 2018 News - Day 2 | The Centre Court in the middle of hall 9 was the stage of Eggiedays, producer of tasteful products that mainly consist of protein from Dutch eggs. Chef Piet van den Bosch explained in live cooking sessions what the possibilities are with these versatile products. Not only do Eggiedays’ products contain important vitamins and minerals, it doesn’t contain much calories, but most important: it tastes delicious. This ‘forgotten’ egg source is a full-fledged meat alternative and is very suitable for vegetarians or flexitarians.
Read more: http://ow.ly/xWgf50hMPLV

User (26/06/2018 21:55)
VIV Europe 2018 News - Day 2 | The Innovation Gallery inspired VIV Europe visitors to the max. The forest shaped gallery was fully dedicated to the theme of 2018: Sharing Data = Better Poultry. At VIV Europe we wanted to open a discussion about the benefits achievable by sharing data along the poultry supply chain, rather than simply collecting them for only a narrow analysis.
Read more: http://ow.ly/xWgf50hMPLV

User (26/06/2018 14:45)
VIV Europe 2018 News - Day 1 | VIV Europe 2018 displayed our continuing commitment to animal protein businesses across Africa by offering exceptional seminars on individual African countries --- and by announcing officially that VIV worldwide’s boutique event Poultry Africa will return to Kigali (Rwanda) on 2nd-3rd October 2019...
Read more: http://ow.ly/nBmJ50hMPs4

User (25/06/2018 22:35)
40 years VIV: anniversary edition | VIV celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2018. Over four decades it has established itself as the premium business-to-business platform for the global poultry industry, in an ideal location and with the added benefit of having a highly professional organisation behind it. Now for the edition this year we have created a focus on poultry which will be the most informative and illuminating ever seen at a VIV event.
Read more: http://ow.ly/nBmJ50hMPs4

User (25/06/2018 15:30)
VIV Europe News - Day 1 | On Wednesday June 20, the first day of VIV Europe 2018, Director General Marjolijn Sonnema of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality opened the Kip van Oranje innovation platform at the show. The opening congress of Kip van Oranje under the theme “Gezond Boeren”, which translates to “Healthy Farming” connected the strenghts of the Dutch Poultry sector...
Read more: https://www.viv.net/articles/news/showdai ly-viv-europe-day-1

User (22/06/2018 23:00)
It’s a wrap for VIV Europe 2018. Thank you very much for joining the World Expo from Feed to Food. We are looking forward to seeing you again! http://www.viveurope.nl/en/Bezoeker.aspx< br>

User (22/06/2018 20:05)
Windsreek is developed as a project from a broiler point of view. This resulted after five years of design and experience in a natural ventilated house with an unique but functional design. Not only the full daylight wall but also the different levels for the birds and climate gradient contributes to animal welfare.
Windstreek will be showcasing their innovation at VIV Europe 2018. http://ow.ly/4um330krhwB

User (22/06/2018 15:00)
The new ULTIMATE Whole Leg Deboner uses an X-Ray measuring system to precisely measure each individual leg, the X-Ray data is transferred and the machine automatically adjusts for each leg in real time at an unrivaled speed of 6,000 legs per hour. The machine cuts with surgical precision around the kneecap, leaving the cartilage attached to the bone ensuring high yields and minimal trimming.
The ULTIMATE is one of the machines which you can see during the live demonstrations of Foodmate at VIV Europe 2018.

User (22/06/2018 13:56)
In one hour, we start the last day of VIV Europe 2018. Stay tuned for a full recap of the show later, here's a small teaser of day 2!

User (22/06/2018 13:51)
The introduction of red mite in a poultry house is almost inevitable. The question is whether you want to solve it preventatively or curatively? Vencomatic Group prefers the first and presents its solution; the Q-Perch.
Since 2013 the poultry specialists of Vencomatic Group have been running field tests and studied bird behaviour to validate the functioning of the Q-Perch and to optimize its use. In all trials, the red mite population could consistently be controlled with the... Q-Perch, and use of pesticides was not necessary.
Vencomatic will be showcasing Q-Perch at VIV Europe 2018.
See More

User (21/06/2018 22:35)
Launched in 2016, IGrow Chicken offers a cloud-based solution for all Poultry Farmers. Broilers, Layers & (Grand)Parents. Use it standalone on your phone or share data across devices. From (virtual) Integration to small independent producer. Supporting farmers with 250 Birds, up to 20 million Birds.
IGrow Chicken will be showcasing in the Innovation Gallery at VIV Europe 2018. http://ow.ly/4um330krhwB

User (21/06/2018 20:25)
Veldhoeve Kip: "We keep our chicken in our own closed circuit. We produce based on the demand for everyone who wants a special, tasty and healthy chicken."

User (21/06/2018 15:25)
Overall data management and traceability of the production process will play a more important role within the Hatchery. TREGGTM Intelligence Software has been specially designed for greater business intelligence. Automation systems operate day in and day out, and all this information is collected and analyzed.
Viscon Hatchery Automation will be showcasing TREGGTM in the Innovation Gallery at VIV Europe 2018. http://ow.ly/4um330krhwB

User (21/06/2018 13:49)
We had a bustling first day at VIV Europe 2018. Will we see you today at Jaarbeurs Utrecht?

User (21/06/2018 13:35)
Producing bacteria-free animal feed of guaranteed high quality is becoming an increasingly important issue. The Temperature Control System (TCS) developed by PTN provides a solution. By combining the conditioner with a TCS and placing this above the pelletiser, guarantees can be given that feed has undergone the desired thermal treatment right from the very first kilo.
Pelleting Technology Netherlands will be showcasing this week in the Innovation Gallery at VIV Europe 2018. http://ow.ly/4um330krhwB

User (21/06/2018 00:50)
New cage-free layer system in multiple level housing is offered by TEXHA.100% cage-free: Automated nest system with chain feeding and nipple drinking lines, adjustable perches, litter scratch area, no doors.
TEXHA will be showcasing this week in the Innovation Gallery at VIV Europe 2018. http://ow.ly/4um330krhwB

User (20/06/2018 23:00)
What a busy business day at VIV Europe 2018. Thank you to everyone who participated. Registration is still possible online and onsite. We hope to see you (again) tomorrow!
http://www.viveurope.nl/en/Bezoeker.aspx< br>

User (20/06/2018 20:40)
Food Insights uses blockchain technology to connect the links in the supply chains for eggs, poultry and pork. This results in a smart visible supply chain platform connecting distribution, packing, processing, husbandry, feed, genetics and pharma. For producers selling to retail and food service THE tool for visible fresh supply chains.
Food Insights will be showcasing this week in the Innovation Gallery at VIV Europe 2018. http://ow.ly/4um330krhwB

Ważne targi branżowe. Doskonała organizacja. Co ciekawe wstęp jest bezpłatny. Trzeba się zarejestrować.

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