Argot is THE CULTURE you create through the way you talk, the words you say, and all the other ways you choose to express yourself. For us, Argot is a way to stand out and create your own PARADIGM. Your Argot becomes your FINGERPRINT, a way for like-minded souls to recognize you wherever you go.At Argot, we honor the long and rich heritage of the polo shirt, but have updated it for the modern man, who wants to take on the world with supreme comfort and style.All Argot pieces are made using the unique Plummy™ process, a specialized process that goes way beyond the traditional mercerized fabrics available elsewhere. The Plummy finishing provides extraordinary comfort, with a silky hand feel, a luxurious shine, and an incredible clean look and feel. Our shirts are durable and strong, and keep their vibrant colours even after long intensive use.

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77C Generaal Vetterstraat, Amsterdam, North Holland 1059 BT