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Place Types : Church, Place Of Worship
Address : 6 Ilupeju Byepass, Onipanu, Lagos, Nigeria
Coordinate : 6.5438668, 3.3594188
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Rating : 4.30
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Our Lady Queen of Apostles Catholic Church Onipanu Lagos - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/places/ABKp1IqchfpYhq9vqRe0jz0RI5s-aNUPnnUzoZDVDCNDIKcb3_KibSND5mZv-b-NcFzLzQCiT7otHGN7fEvkmLQ821ApkkkfZ4zunkY=s1600-w400 Our Lady Queen of Apostles Catholic Church Onipanu Lagos - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/places/ABKp1IpUmjtGLRsL7e71iwj0FzfsFKlV6MP3ZpiL_hBvOS_BdoS_cRmRlQtfDdXnGN5nNgkg7Hu03JtXk1GTDNZs8izY0uV0QkWJnFg=s1600-w400

What Other Say:

User (19/03/2020 17:19)
Very serene and they have weekday afternoon MASS by 12:30 pm. This is great for workers within the vicinity. Also stations of the Cross on fridays during lent by 12noon.

User (05/03/2020 23:48)
It's a nice place for we the Catholics, the beautification of the environment is amazing.

User (27/01/2020 13:22)
Nice structure. The stained glass decorations look awesome. Sound system is well tuned. As expected, the orderliness and reverence in worship is typical of any Catholic gathering.

User (01/01/2020 06:57)
It's a great place to worship, a very beautiful architectural design. One of a kind. It also has a beautiful environment

User (27/11/2019 03:18)
Extraordinary worship. Orderly schedules. Sirene & nice environs. Devoted Clergy. Warm welcoming parishioners. High level of activities which boost spirituality. Interest in the welfare of parishioners.

User (03/03/2018 19:29)
Prayer and charity

User (17/12/2017 16:15)
A place for Christians.

User (16/11/2017 17:33)
Catholic church of prayer

User (08/09/2017 11:46)
Small family church

User (04/04/2017 13:18)
Serene worship.

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