Raymka Construction is incorporated under Raymka Group, a registered entity in Malawi, duly certified by the National Construction Industrial Council of Malawi in the Civil and building categories. It specializes in the provision of building construction needs, civil engineering and real estate.Raymka offers affordable reliable and sustainable construction solutions. The solutions cater for Malawians resident both in Malawi and in diaspora. Raymka utilize present age technological advancements to bring tailor made construction solution to a wide range of clientele. Through the current Timange Malawi Project, Raymka also offer for sale real property by acquiring, and partitioning land for development and construction of either personal or commercial properties. It undertakes to facilitate the transfer of title of such properties and finance the sale itself as part of micro housing project to avail the opportunity to own land to most middle class families in Malawi.

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Location :
Lilongwe, Central Region