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Enigma Productions was founded in 1990 by the present managing director Jason Caruana.
Enigma specializes in weddings packages, and is a leading production house for local media and other events.
The company offers professional service for all that is required for TV programmes production, including Filming, Editing and Photography.

Company Portafolio:

Since founded Enigma offered complete wedding packages which include the videography, photography and DJ service. In 2005 Enigma was a leader in the introduction of digital photography and introduced the custom designed wedding digital book. Till date, Enigma has over 5000 satisfed customers

Filming and editing:
Enigma was entrusted with the filming and editing of various local TV productions
1998 – Popular TV programme Rodeo aired on Super One TV – EMH Productions (Eileen Montesin)
2000/2002 – First local Candid Camera show Hudha b’cajta aired on Super One TV– Bonaci Media Entertainment
2007/2008 – Popular sports programme aired on NET TV – Replay. Production Robert Cutajar
Filming, editing and direction..

Apart from filming and editing, Enigma also offers TV programmes direction services:

2004/2006 – It-Tieg aired on NET TV
2006/2007 – 39 episodes of popular programme Rakkonti. Aired on Super One, Production Norman Hamilton
2007/2008 – Juke Box aired on TVM - EMH Productions
2008/2009 – Direction of programme Sellili aired on NET TV – Production Claudette Pace
2010 – Enigma were the official photographers for the GO Maltasong for Europe Festival and were also responsible for all the links aired on TVM.
2011/2012 – Filming & Editing ECO aired on Favourite Channel
2011/2012 - Filming of features for KILO prog aired on TVM
2010/2013 - Filming & Editing of features for Sas-Sitta on NET TV
2012/2013 - TX with Miriam Dalli on ONE TV
2009/2013 - Filming & Photography for news items
2013 – Enigma were the official photographers for the 38th edition of INTERFERRY

Filming overseas for local productions:

Enigma has years of experience of filming overseas for local productions
2003/2008 – Enigma was responsible for filming, editing and direction of all BLA AGENDA programmes featuring holiday destinations aired on Super One TV– Production Norman Hamilton
2005- Enigma was entrusted with filming, editing and direction of all the Eurovision links transmitted on TVM from Kiev
2006 - Enigma was entrusted with filming, editing and direction of all the Eurovision links transmitted on NET TV from Greece
2008- Enigma was entrusted with filming, editing and direction of all the Eurovision links transmitted on TVM from Belgrade

Executive Productions

Enigma also produces high quality programmes for local media, which include the popular Kawza Bonarja
2000-2003 Enigma aired the first in-house production Kawza Bonarja on Super One TV
2006-2007 - Enigma Presented Lejn il-Eurovision aired on NET TV
2007-2008 – Enigma presented unique make-over programme EVA on NET TV
2008/2009 – Live Programme Gustizzja aired on Family TV
2011/2012 – Comeback of the popular programme Kawza Bonarja this time aired on Favourite Channel
2011/2012 - Tea Time aired on ONE TV
2011/2012 – Gazebo aired on ONE TV

Enigma offers various services for the production of advertisements & Company Profiles.

Filming of Theatrical Productions
Enigma filled several theatrical productions every year for the following companies in various theatres including Teatru Manoel, MCC, MFCC, St. James Cavalier, City Hall and Istitut Kattoliku
o Moving On
o Curtain Raisers
o Kumpanija Teatru Rjal
o Analise Ellul Dancing School


Produced DVD with Good Friday peagant held in Zebbug 2007
Produced DVD feature film to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Mosta’s parish 2008


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