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Place Type : Natural Feature
Address : Chaung Thar Beach, Myanmar (Burma)
Coordinate : 16.9631317, 94.4431324
Rating : 4.20
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Chaung Thar Beach Chaung Thar Beach Chaung Thar Beach Chaung Thar Beach Chaung Thar Beach Chaung Thar Beach

What Other Say:

Nyi Nyi Zaw (27/05/2018 15:08)
I love this beach. Fun & Enjoy sea foods.

Phyoe Pyae Sone (25/05/2018 12:41)
One of favorite beach in Myanmar

vanlalhruaii ralte (24/04/2018 03:51)
The beach is clean, the water shallow, the sand is hard, the wave is calm, and it is not crowded. So it is not dangerous to swim even for children. Almost 100 metres is save for swimming. It is my most favorite beach.

Bullet Karma (14/04/2018 15:08)
My first water festival in chaung thar beach with my love...13/4/2018

MyatMinn Htway (03/04/2018 09:46)
The sea is starting to pollute and the water that is connected to the shore is filled with black substances which is the results of trash in the sea. . But, a few meters towards sea from the shore has still some purity in it. So, if you are a good swimmer , dive deeply and you will enjoy it. P.S dangerous for those who can't swim even if you life Jacket or air balls with you or .

Kyaw Linn Khaing (04/03/2018 11:03)
One day trip from Yangon because its near from Yangon and go with package tour which is including express ticket, guest house, food. If you want to eat more sea food, you can buy.

Cody Crusoe (24/02/2018 13:17)
One of the best Beach of Myanmar.

Jack Friday (09/01/2018 16:46)
Pleasant beach to visit

Harsan Soe Min Naing Patel (22/12/2017 16:50)
This is a Beautifull Beach.
I Love this Place

Min Min Ant (12/12/2017 04:51)
The good beach in Myanmar!

Nway Oo Maung (16/11/2017 17:27)
Chaungtha is a village and beach resort located in Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar. Chaungtha Beach, as it is more commonly known, is about 5 hours' drive away from Yangon, and is a popular resort with Yangonites from October to April.

Thet Naing Tun (07/10/2017 14:34)
One of the nice beaches that is cheap in country. Getting cleaner and cleaner than before.

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