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Place Types : Police
Address : Kandy - Jaffna Hwy, Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka
Coordinate : 9.3922673, 80.4079378
Phone : +94 212 285 467
Email :
Rating : 3.90
Website : www.police.lk
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Kilinochchi Police Station?

    Kilinochchi Police Station is located at: Kandy - Jaffna Hwy, Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka.

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  • What is the phone number of Kilinochchi Police Station?

    You can try to dialing this number: +94 212 285 467 - or find more information on their website: www.police.lk

  • Where are the coordinates of the Kilinochchi Police Station?

    Latitude: 9.3922673
    Longitude: 80.4079378


Kilinochchi Police Station - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipMNLfi1HqIRdZtTlM_sH7qloZEnTmnfd533dq-G=s1600-w400 Kilinochchi Police Station - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipOSFPuaIKHbQpo2N_rCLtYImVcuES7SCOn-Wvx2=s1600-w400 Kilinochchi Police Station - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipNqFEfSLmbGD9yj4xMZYgQrhiz2JYqADZ40mVYZ=s1600-w400 Kilinochchi Police Station - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipNARWzpoQmS7kU6eBqmN2PDDyMKpgZb9LWyw6uy=s1600-w400 Kilinochchi Police Station - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipN1vTqhDomdG0GoO8anmQwvVUNZF6xuOSgdXscB=s1600-w400 Kilinochchi Police Station - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipNA0RPuxa9kzcCpSGaYSKs69lbxd8NUCD3VKzgJ=s1600-w400 Kilinochchi Police Station - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipPrSBIhM-o-9T6QPE8Z_qzEDIxXjzzP4mLdl_t4=s1600-w400 Kilinochchi Police Station - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipPSwdhHW9Ysxi-67grMxKQf4L3u4TcSmBKUaibp=s1600-w400

What Other Say:

User (05/08/2019 14:21)
Headquarters Police Station Kilinochchi

User (01/01/2018 14:36)
Police service is important to all kinds of people. The should do their duty with out any kind of comparison. Kilinochchi police doing their duties as they can. Kilinochchi is the most important place for tamil people. So police have the most responsibly.

User (07/09/2017 20:08)
Supportive place

User (24/11/2016 16:13)
Good place

User (11/02/2016 18:54)
Have car park go through.

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