Hasan's Garage (Permanently Closed)

P'yŏngyang, North Korea
Place Types : Parking
Address : Pyongyang, North Korea
Coordinate : 39.0349845, 125.7627093
Phone :
Email :
Rating : 4.20
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What Others Say about this business:

User (16/04/2017 05:37)
No service! Owner left without further notice. They said he would be back in about 25 years.

User (29/03/2017 02:36)
Very nice place to park my humble tuk-tuk. It is hard to find places where capitalist scum will not steal your cars and sell them to the devil for women. All hail the mighty Kim Jong-Un, prophet of the true korean people.

User (04/12/2016 01:18)
Long live Kim Jong-Un

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