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Place Type : Natural Feature
Address : Aqaba, Jordan
Coordinate : 29.5257, 35.0007
What3Words : spellings.coasting.pixies
Phone : +962 7 8955 8818
Email :
Rating : 3.50
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Al-Ghandour Beach - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipPKK3qJAnaPmXSOf-U7hiuYbpTExmBde2-nlfZE=s1600-w400 Al-Ghandour Beach - https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-y-93puhfrMI/WMOJKo0d19I/AAAAAAAAJcc/8yf1IyXvxSYLBm56uVLXcV_Tmlt8dL5kgCLIB/s1600-w400/ Al-Ghandour Beach - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-y-93puhfrMI/WMOJKo0d19I/AAAAAAAAJN0/Gqd3TCzPlX48CRkU97RhAfEYfXhkbjRjwCLIB/s1600-w400/ Al-Ghandour Beach - https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-mHcxHztUE1g/WMKM0FxWtMI/AAAAAAAAJOg/40JWMqZpWkcpZ8qwDZ3-yVi-HxnQeszRwCLIB/s1600-w400/ Al-Ghandour Beach - https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-t5SbFG2wLNI/WJmfeg3sHiI/AAAAAAAABAo/WPXp8_d4mQgNPQG_aVq_lhAMFMViYSiXACLIB/s1600-w400/ Al-Ghandour Beach - https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-tD-Ql-RQkiA/WFWK2L00M6I/AAAAAAAAB2E/DWsLY_hzbTYieh7sm9Z-BUp1jAc7JtIMQCLIB/s1600-w400/ Al-Ghandour Beach - https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-cIjmMtWEsvE/WLzt12RmveI/AAAAAAABOz4/pmoho5X55QUFX4FOajU5gqnyBWeKY2dBQCLIB/s1600-w400/ Al-Ghandour Beach - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-xy6rI_AuyjU/WAIEaBu38JI/AAAAAAAAZng/2Zg2FpomLtIlFmgUl2UVL__BidUX4qD1QCLIB/s1600-w400/

What Other Say:

Google User (23/04/2019 21:52)
A public beach with some places offering drinks and Shisha.
Swimming is not recommended in this location especially in swimming suits and don't ask me why.😁

Google User (22/04/2019 12:46)
Beautiful beach in Aqaba. It very calm and not very crowded. You can also see the Israel part from this beach. Sunset on this beach is amazing and one can wait till the late hours looking at the amazing Red Sea and the other country too.
The water is so calm and clean. One can also swim here.

Google User (17/04/2019 22:43)
Decent local beach. Nice boardwalk along the beach for a walk. Lots of water activities mostly used by the local population.

Google User (13/04/2019 05:58)
Sea life is wonderful but there is a sea bridge with a stone and a very small is not beautiful and there is a long bridge sea with wood and iron it is broken and not safe and it must be maintenance and enlargement Bridge will be wonderful views. Not for me but for the people and tourists from around the world visiting in Jordan for a love and peace. Thank you . ✌🌹🌅🌉🌠☀🌴

Google User (11/04/2019 20:36)
Aqaba is underwhelming. It is famous and historical. It is a cruise stop. But it is rather run down. The locals go to the beach there. Some of the women are fully covered. You can get a little boat local tour from the beach. No gift shops. A few minor historical sites. We felt safe enough during the day. Not sure about night. It seemed very Muslim.

Google User (24/10/2018 07:32)
Busy beach, beautiful weather and clear blue water.

Google User (21/09/2018 12:30)
it's a good beach to hang out with friends

Google User (11/09/2018 19:14)
Very bad not a clean beach very noisy people

Google User (09/09/2018 14:47)
مكان جميل، شعبي و بسيط.
مناسب نوعا ما لرؤية البحر و التأمل و المشي على الشاطئ و قريب من السوق المحلي.

Google User (10/08/2018 15:00)
Always busy, more tourists go there for going on the boats etc. Few restaurants there too. Can see israel and Egypt from here

Google User (05/07/2018 05:22)
The only public beach close to downtown but totally dirty and I highly don't recommend using the bathroom there ! If you really want to have fun , go to the South Beach or get a fancy hotel 😑

Google User (08/05/2018 04:30)
Good area , they have a great police men!!

Google User (24/04/2018 01:34)
Lovely view with all service near you

Google User (22/04/2018 18:40)
Urban beach, not your pristine white sand beach. Lively, families, sitting around relaxing. Nice place to hang out for a bit.

Google User (11/04/2018 21:58)
This is a free beach in Aqaba, most beach will charge between 20/40 dinar to swim and chill near, there are owned by the hotels in the surrounding area. The sand on this beach had a lot of dirt in it like cig buts and plastic bottle tops, the water its self is fine. Western/white woman are not advised to swim here, but i did see a lot of Russians/Eastern European's swimming with no problem. Basically, expect attention but over all the woman there were left alone. My own girlfriend did not go in swimming. There are canopies shelters from the sun on the beach, but once again you may not want to sit on the sand as its not clean, however there is a wall on one side you can sit against.

Google User (26/03/2018 17:53)
The only public beach inside the city
(it is also called "Palm Beach" recently), stretching between the Big Flag and the Royal Yach Club.
Despite the name, this beach is not really recommended for Western tourist - especially women - for swimming , only kids and some locals (women in full costume).

Google User (08/03/2018 17:51)
Nice beach for free. A lot of locals and only a few tourists. It's safe and easy accessible. The sand is not the cleanest but ok for a short stay.

Google User (22/02/2018 15:08)
Free beach ... you can swim .. ride a boat ... enjoy the view .... good for youth groups ..

Google User (24/01/2018 15:41)
Beautiful place there are many markets you can buy anything you want , and there are a lot of boats like quick boat, sailing boat and a glass boat (that we called a glass but not really he made from glass )you can see fish , coral, shells ... ets , also you can see the tank in bottom of the sea by tour in boat .

Google User (21/01/2018 01:37)
Clean , not crowded and i recommend it in winter 😉

Google User (17/01/2018 20:13)
Free beach access. You can ride a glass boat and check out the sea.
Best to visit during sunset.

Google User (08/01/2018 04:27)
Great views of the gulf of aqaba including Eilat on the other side. Water is clear and the beach is close to city center but it's dirty there... as is most places in Jordan. When looking around - plenty of litter and sometimes also smelly because of rubbish damps. On the other hand it's admission free. Went there just to see the sea and sunset and it was okay, didn't need anything more. If one wants to snorkel there I would think twice before walking in the water on bare feet.

Google User (01/12/2017 06:43)
I went there with my wife... I only parked my car near the gate then i saw how dirty guys are going inside in there and they look rly bad and not comfortable.... 😧
Also there were too much kids on the gate playing with the doo so the door might shut or anyone's trying getting inside so i turned on my car and ran away to another beach and the other beach was awesome...

Google User (24/11/2017 04:10)
Water is clean but the environment is dirty. There is a lot of glass and dirt in the sand. I would not recommend this place as suitable for swimming.

Google User (29/10/2017 10:11)
Very convenient in middle of Aqaba, friendly, full of families, be carefull waking on the beach broken glass's and trash everywhere, hit south 10 kilo for better and cleaner beach

Google User (26/09/2017 17:53)
Nice placr

Google User (24/09/2017 22:45)
Public beach with local cafe facilities and glass bottom boats etc. Sandy with palm trees but our guide told us not to swim because of pollution.

Google User (24/09/2017 19:17)
A free of charge, public beach, located in the center of Aqaba. Easy to reach on food or by public transportation. It's full of families. Boys swim, but woemen and girls prefer enjoyed some food, picnic, or dringking tea or ices. There many food and drink vendor offering you again and again. But they're not pushy.

The water is clear but, the beach sometimes full of garbage, the people left behind, although there's waste bin everywhere. I saw a public shower and toilet, but never used it. It did not look so clean, though. Some area has shadowy trees.

Google User (25/08/2017 16:26)
Much improved than before and has an amazing well lighted seating areas and a great view of the red sea

Google User (01/08/2017 11:56)
Nice but crowded and not clean

Google User (17/04/2017 20:11)
مكان جميل جدا

Google User (28/03/2017 14:40)
مكان رائع للترفيه
أشعر بالراحة النفسية عند التفكير به

Google User (16/01/2017 04:14)
جيد ورائع لتعرف على مواقع بلدنا الحبيب

Google User (29/09/2016 22:15)
Not suitable for foreigners! unless you're a group of guys, better is to stay away from this place, as all the male population of Aqaba will be walking around you, make fun of you and take pictures of you.
Its dirty, crowded and people are not very nice neither respectful there.

Google User (02/09/2016 14:33)

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