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Place Types : Personal Coach, Massage Therapist
Address :
Coordinate : 13.6769, -89.2797
Phone :
Email :
Rating : 4.00
Social : facebook.com/Taoschoolofmagic
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where are the coordinates of the Tao CompUnion Lideres?

    Latitude: 13.6769
    Longitude: -89.2797

About the Business:

Coaching to reduce unsurmountable problems little by little, the WuWei
taoist tips de mi para ti!


I am Carlos Indigo Lara and this is (part of) The Awakening on Facebook. Me and My Network of Sudents will Help You,
without knowing how much your bank statement says you are worth.

Company.On is beyond Coaching, it is togetherness, marvelousness, without labels, without defining, cherryshing each moment as it was the last, making out the best of it like the Mango Tree.
Be Ready to Decolonize your Thoughts, Amplifying your area of confort infinitely!

What Other Say:

User (04/04/2019 18:22)
Tap into every level of your ❤️☯️
(source Master Mantak Chia)
#taotips... #cultivateyourenergy #spreadthelove
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User (27/10/2018 16:00)
Bienvenido de vuelta para miiii,
comenta aqui con una palabrita de cariño, un mega regalo para los que escuchen aqui abajito!
... MedictoRedDeLuz Aguila y Condor, Orbita Microcosmica!
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User (26/10/2018 14:46)
Todos Somos SalvaTaos del mundo www.weagree.life sigueme en instagram @neoandjesus sigueme en twitter @neojesusSomosTerranos Comparte con tu mama, tu papa, tus hijos, en el nombre de Jesus y el Yin Yang!

User (10/10/2018 21:28)

User (29/08/2018 02:57)
7 minutes of magic: A great moment of blessing and centering, you can try this Qi Gong exercises in the morning or even at night for a bliffsful sleep. Cultivate the magic within you with this simple but effective session <3

User (05/02/2018 15:27)
Taijiquan para empezar el día

User (23/11/2017 07:42)
Secrets from Jack Ma ;)

User (04/11/2017 11:39)
Omgasms can heal Mother Earth :D https://carlojoctl.wixsite.com/ondemand-s erdeluzx

User (25/09/2017 23:53)
https://www.academia.edu/…/Tao_Medicine _ABC_Aware_Breath_Cy…

User (02/07/2017 22:53)
una gran lider que apoya a la niñez

User (29/06/2017 22:07)
Evento para conocer la realidad historica no televisada de esta tierra. Te importa The Planet Earth o solo tu vida y tu familia de sangre?

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