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Address : VI.PA Avlonas, Thesi Tsoumba, 19011 Avlón, Attiki, Greece
Coordinate : 38.2833911524, 23.6802589416
Phone : 00302295042736
Rating : 4.80
Facebook : facebook.com/ Basileiou-Laboratory-Furniture-..
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Website : www.basileiou.com
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About The Business:

Basileiou SA operates in the industry of laboratory furniture for 35 years in Greece with presence also in foreign markets over the past 7 years.


Basileiou Laboratory Furniture SA operates in the industry of study, design manufacturing and installation of laboratory furniture for 35 years. We undertake laboratory projects as well as their complete design as a full time consultant for construction companies.
The company’s dedication towards innovation has consolidated its leadership in the Greek and Balkan markets. Showing emphasis on continuous research for product development, our entire departments target the optimal satisfaction of the final user.

Η εταιρία Βασιλείου βρίσκεται στο χώρο του εργαστηριακού επίπλου πάνω απο 30 χρόνια με παρουσία τόσο στην Ελλάδα όσο και σε αγορές του εξωτερικού τα τελευταία 6 χρόνια. Η προσήλωση μας στην πρωτοπορία έχει εδραιώσει την εταιρία στην κορυφή της αγοράς. Με έμφαση στην έρευνα για την συνεχή ανάπτυξη των προϊόντων μας, κάθε τμήμα ξεχωριστά και όλα μαζί στοχεύουν στην μεγιστοποίηση του οφέλους και της ικανοποίησης των πελατών μας.

What Other Say:

Google User (17/10/2018 17:36)
We've launched our new website page. New layer, simpler design and easier to navigate through all the information needed, for each laboratory user. Navigate through the laboratories we've designed and manufactured, through all 37 years of Basileiou - Laboratory Furniture operation.
Contact us and let's find together what your needs are and design today your laboratory of tomorrow! www.basileiou.com?latest #design #laboratory #furniture

Google User (16/06/2018 16:43)
Progress and evolution are constantly moving towards humanity's benefit.

Google User (12/07/2017 19:09)
Complete Design & Study for School - Educational Laboratory Room

Google User (10/01/2017 15:02)
The winter stopped by this year!

Google User (14/11/2016 16:01)
AUDO Architects Design + Study of the Apivita Hive, the new sustainable and bioclimatic factory of Apivita

Google User (07/09/2016 13:19)
One of the most critical factors for renovating - constructing a laboratory. How much laboratory space do i need ? http://digital.labdesignnews.com/labdesig …/july_august_2016…

Google User (11/03/2016 18:54)
Apivita Natural Cosmetics Research and Development Laboratories were manufactured having as values the serenity and harmony of a working bee.

Google User (11/12/2015 17:00)
Biomedical Research Laboratories constructed mainly in the early 00's

Google User (03/12/2015 18:12)
Just received our anniversary outfits for the 35 years of our company's operation.
Λάβαμε τα ενδύματα για την επέτειο των 35 χρόνων λειτουργίας μας.

Google User (26/10/2015 16:39)
Αναβαθμίσαμε την ιστοσελίδα μας για την ευκολότερη κατανόηση των προιόντων και των υπηρεσιών μας.
We have updated our webpage, in order to facilitate the comprehension of our available products and services.

Google User (04/08/2015 19:09)
Παρόλο που το μεγεθος του είναι μικρό, ενα λειτουργικό και εργονομικό οδοντιατρείο, σχεδιασμένο για να καλύψει καθε ανάγκη του οδοντίιατρου.
Although small, a functional and ergonomic dentist cabinet tailor designed to cover all the dentist's needs.

Google User (03/06/2015 19:18)
Ολοκληρώθηκε η κατασκεή του νέου εργαστήριου αναλύσεων του Αμερικάνικου Κέντρου Υγείας στην Λευκωσία της Κύπρου.
Project for furnishing the new laboratory of the American Medical Center in Nicosia, Cyprus is completed.

Google User
j'y connais pas grand chose, mais c'est très beau,de belles couleurs....

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