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USP Data provides tools to quickly sift all the latest information on the 5M live UK company information database using improved industry sector classifications which mean that you will find more of the relevant prospects - and your productivity will be increased.30 years ago we set out to do an industry benchmarking exercise and identified a big problem with SIC classifications: they are vague and you will find you are trying to compare apples and oranges. We decided that our own industry sector classifications could greatly improve on this. Subsequently we have researched what the companies actually do and classified them accordingly. This means on our company information database the industry comparisons, rankings and industry averages are much more focused. Since SIC classifications have not improved much in the meantime, the 1000+ researched report listings which are available through USP Data have become our unique advantage. Customers can leverage the results of all this work to dramatically improve productivity. It is the difference between having a database with and without indexing. The researched listings of companies are provided as a starting point for you to customise and refine according to your requirements.The tools exist in USP Data to enable you to start by importing your own research lists from an external source. This can be merged with USP Data listings and can then be used to find other companies in the relevant sector(s). With the benefit of our research the industry sector classifications provided will enhance your own research and so will save you significant time. Lists of potentially relevant firms may be screened using suitable combinations of keywords , financial and/or geographic selection criteria to compile a useful shortlist. Since the researched listings are unique to USP Data this results in opportunities not available elsewhere.
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