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Place Type : Shopping Mall
Address : مول البستان - باب اللوق، Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Coordinate : 30.045579, 31.2385344
Phone : +20 100 499 9993
Rating : 4.00
Opening Hours :
Monday: 1:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Tuesday: 1:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Wednesday: 1:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Thursday: 1:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Friday: 2:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Saturday: 1:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Sunday: 1:00 PM – 1:00 AM
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Al Boustan Shopping Center Al Boustan Shopping Center Al Boustan Shopping Center Al Boustan Shopping Center Al Boustan Shopping Center Al Boustan Shopping Center Al Boustan Shopping Center Al Boustan Shopping Center Al Boustan Shopping Center Al Boustan Shopping Center Al Boustan Shopping Center

What Other Say:

Alaa Fahmy (24/10/2019 18:15)
Very good parking and shopping center for computer accessories

Ibrahim (22/10/2019 00:55)
Great but there wasn't any ATM active inside the mall & don't accept by visa

kingtouch999 . (17/10/2019 01:30)
No visa at most shops , crowded but i think it is best place to buy old computers or fixing laptops

A. Taha Elsharkawy (09/10/2019 00:44)
The place for used computers and laptops, the perfect destination for fixing printers, computers, laptops and anything related to them.

Muaz Refaey (06/10/2019 01:20)
Nice experience, you will find any thing you want there

Samir Sanad (06/04/2019 01:37)
All what you need for your laptop, computer main parts or accessories under one place with a reasonable price

Mamdouh El Nakeeb (03/04/2019 05:25)
Nice electronics outlets specially for computer, laptops and their accessories.
But it's not usually updated with the market

Mohamed Salah (08/03/2019 12:47)
You can find here everything for computers, as you can find all spare parts for computers and laptops, you can find also here used laptops and new ones to buy, I think you can trade in as well, also here you can find printers, scanners and faxes, and all the computer accessories.
In my opinion, I think the place is not that tidy but it is still ok.
The best thing is: that centre located in the most beautiful place for me in Cairo (the downtown)
At the end, you can find here every electronic thing for desktops, laptops, printers and scanners

ahmed badr (14/02/2019 01:11)
It's a multi-purpose mall, but if i'm choosing one purpose that it is brilliant and has the most efficient shops in Egypt, it'd be the computer repair shops. Either PCs or Laptops. But it also sells new as well as used electronics and electronic accessories

Mostafa El Faham (06/02/2019 01:47)
Best place for computers, laptops, cameras and accessories. It has variety of options there. They can fix, replace, buy or sell of spare parts. You will find there what you have been looking for around and couldn't find it. Quite busy and crowded but the competition is hard so they would do their best to win every walk in costumer. I recommend this place highly.

HiCham Ramos (03/02/2019 02:43)
The best place to get your electronics things , like laptops or mobiles or computers or the accessories ..

Aya Muhammad (26/01/2019 18:37)
I didn't feel comfortable being alone there.. and prices were ok.. not low or high .. should've just bought my router from somewhere else quiter.

Wassim Saad (21/01/2019 17:58)
All electronic parts, mobile phones & accessories. Laptops and ccv are available here. New and used sets. Many brands best prices are guaranteed

Moamen Eltokhy (21/12/2018 19:51)
Multitudinous shops, cheap prices.
Has all electronic objects for computers.
Wide variety of all kinds and devices.
The mall consists of 4 flats fulled with laptop, computers, printers, pen drives and everything beyond to fulfill your need.
Best technicians there to maintain and fix your machine.

Mohamed Saad (27/11/2018 04:30)
It's a very vivid place where you can buy many gadgets and electronics. Also, you can fix your broken device. Also, you can sell your old device and get a new one. There are so many varieties of spare parts for so many brands and models. You just need to know what you are searching for otherwise you get lost easily. You will find cafes in case you want a time out l.

Ahmed Ibrahim (27/10/2017 01:46)
For all of generations of computers you can usually find spare parts. Its also helpful for those who seek for competetive technology.

ahmed Fathi (10/10/2017 14:03)
I still find this mall a great one , the location and the variety of stores specialized in technology accessories and computer and laptops...ect.

Mohamed Essam (22/09/2017 19:18)
A good place to consider if you want to get a budget refurbished (remanufactured) laptop but take care of the people you deal with

Mikhail Faried (22/08/2017 12:46)
I just went there to get the car parked. Getting in and out is very difficult specially if you have a long vehicle. The entrances are very narrow. Be careful! You've got to give your car enough space before turning weather you're going up or down.

Reda Ramadan (21/07/2017 13:07)
The place was not clean, and it looks like a mess inside. However, in there I found all kinds of cutting edge computer parts I have always wanted to see by my own eyes. Recommended for computer enthusiasts.

Eslam Naser (18/05/2017 21:14)
Reasonable price
Good variety
But ask more and compare with prices in other places to make the best deal

Mahmoud Hassan (16/04/2017 18:23)
Good place for computer things and i usually park there even if i go else where near by

Ahmed Hammam (07/03/2017 17:13)
This is mainly a small mall for electronics. It's a total mess here. Very unorganised and not clean many shops displays are difficult to look at. However, there are few electronic accessories that you will only find here. Yesterday I bought the air mouse for my Android TV box! 😊

Omar El-Tahan (06/03/2017 07:41)
A good place which contains a lot of computer hardware, Peripherals, network equipments & accessories companies.
You can find also there a few clothes and shoes stores.
Prayer room, cafeteria and restrooms available.
attached a car parking with hourly basis charge.
You'll not be able to park in surrounding area.

Hoda Mahmoud (28/02/2017 03:45)
Nice mall to buy electronics and stuff. Make sure to check more than one shop as you can always find better prices. Also check for original products as it varies in price.

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