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IT People is founded on the principal that each individual, house, small or big company is searching for Information Technology solutions that suit them based on TRUST. What make the customers to choose a company is that they can actually trust the people who are in it and we can guarantee that. IT People are the People you can Trust. We value each individual as well as the home or company they represent. We value the People. We value not only our own People but everybody (owners, suppliers, employees or customers). Hence, we are providing services that every individual, home, small or big company may need, always based on trust.

Our services include Networking, Security, Support, IT Consulting, Onsite Support, Outsourced IT and Pre-Selling. We are comforting individuals, houses, small and large business to proactively manage their technology structure to minimize cost spending while maximizing productivity, compliance, security and stability.

Our slogan is that we can provide our customers with everything they need regarding technology since we offer market control and delivery on site.

Our vision is to be the first choice when a customer needs professional technology services.

Our mission is to provide fast and efficient service to our customers whether is an individual, home or business.

We are forming our company based on specific values that guide us as to how we operate, how we provide service to our customers, how we communicate and behave. These are TRUST, RESPECT, CARE, COMMUNICATION, TEAMWORK and ACCOUNTABILITY.

IT People are the People you can Trust.


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