Autonomous Turkish Cypriot Administration

Geri, Nicosia


The Autonomous Turkish Cypriot Administration was the name of a de facto administration established by the Turkish Cypriots in present-day Northern Cyprus immediately after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974.PoliticsThe first "executive committee" of the administration assumed office on 26 August 1974, but the administration was officially established on 1 October 1974. The decision to establish it was "necessitated by the political reflection of the massive social change in the island". The executive committee was replaced by the first Turkish Cypriot cabinet on 8 October 1974. The administration kept Northern Cyprus under a state of emergency until 20 December 1974.The administration was nominally autonomous under the Republic of Cyprus, with the republic's constitution being in place. The president, Rauf DenktaƟ, was called "Vice President and President of the Autonomous Turkish Cypriot Administration", with reference to the vice-presidential position reserved for Turkish Cypriots in the republic. The members of the parliament also kept their previous positions, representing districts like Paphos, which were now in the south.Within three months of its establishment, the administration created four new ministries to meet demands, these were the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Planning and Coordination, Ministry of Refugees and Rehabilitation and Ministry of Tourism.According to Andrew Borowiec, the immediate functioning of the administration was hindered by the heavy military presence on its territory. On August 30, when the administration had recently been unofficially established, there were reportedly 17 roadblocks between Famagusta and Nicosia.

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Geri, Nicosia