The evolution of transportation is quickly changing the landscape of our world. Electric vehicles are becoming more and more important to save the environment and our global resources. With the rapidly changing world we live in, Skutrz was formed to play an integral role in developing personal, affordable and quality electric transportation to our customers in the USA, Caribbean, Central, and South America. With the increasing use of electric scooters, we believe "Safe Scooting" is critical to protecting our customers. Every sale or rental of a scooter comes with a safety helmet, instructions for operation, a horn for alerting others, and an alarm system for protecting your investment. We never rely on our customers to get the proper safety equipment, we make sure to provide it to every rider. Skutrz wishes to provide affordable, safe and quality electric scooters to the ever-growing transportation market. The company is focused on portable, light, fashionable and powerful scooters that are currently lacking in the international marketplace. The rapidly growing market for personal mobility with affordable and quality transportation is the focus of Skutrz. We believe every person should have access to the ability to get where they are going quickly and affordable. The high cost associated with other modes of transportation are becoming burdensome to the daily commute while negatively impacting the environment in the world we live in. Skutrz goal for our world is to make transportation better and more environmentally friendly.

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