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Do you dream of endless warm days, life in shorts and sandals or to lay in a hammock to pass the days away? At Corozal BZ Homes and Land we want to make that your reality. Corozal, Belize is one place you can make this happen. Corozal is a laid back town of about 12,000 residents. 5 cars in a row, constitutes a traffic jam! Friendly people that will say hello, before you even think about it. There are many more reasons I proudly call Corozal my home.Corozal BZ Homes and Land was born on the premise to provide anyone interested on Corozal, Belize the best customer service. My staff and I get all sorts of questions. If we don't know the answer, we will try to find out. We at Corozal BZ Homes and Land have a very generous finder's fee program. We have some simple rules to keep things honest. It basically works; if you refer someone to me and they buy a home or property through me, I will gladly pay a finder's fee.As owner of Corozal BZ Homes and Land I have had the great pleasure of living in Corozal, Belize. I want to be able to introduce people to the friendly Belizean people, the laid back lifestyle, the wonderful and abundant fruits and vegetables, the breathtaking flora, the ever changing Corozal Bay and the lower cost of living. We at Corozal BZ Homes and Land can help you find a place to stay for a day, week, month or permanently. We look forward to making Corozal, Belize your new home.To be clear, The people that work with me are all independent individuals and not employees of Corozal BZ Homes and Land.

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