SIGMA BRUNEI IS ONE OF THE INDUSTRY LEADERS PROVIDING A RANGE OF SERVICES FOR AN EVER-GROWING NEED FOR NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING, THIRD PARTY INSPECTION, WELDING ENGINEERING FOR THE BELOW SECTORS: OIL & GAS ONSHORE AND OFFSHORE Our firm provides focused services to the emerging market oil companies involved in drilling, marine and manpower functions. MARINE OFFSHORE SERVICES we provide includes piping inspection, coating inspection, ship repair consultation, visual shill survey, condition assessment inspection, welding inspection etc..INDUSTRIAL SECTOR NDTprovides third party inspection, engineering, & NDT services to various industries including construction, infrastructure, fabrication, renewable energy, mining etcSigma NDT is a leading name in the industry that specializes in various third-party inspection and non-destructive testing solutions of critical or essential components across a large number of sectors such as Marine, oil & gas, Airlines, tier industrial products manufacturer and much more. We also Specialize in Corrosion solutions which includes various products and services like site survey, design and engineering, materials, installation, installation supervision, commissioning, technical support & training. The goal of the NDT International is to address a variety of Third-Party Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing demands worldwide. As the pioneers in the industry, we are a technology driven, high-tech firm with proven methods and strategies in the area of Non-Destructive Testing. We work with the aim of enhancing the client's plant or project's efficiency by minimizing the downtime using the fast, consistent, and most reliable inspection and NDT Techniques.

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