Euro Flora company of FRUIT TREE AND ROSE PLANT NURSERIES founded in 2010 establishing an organized and standardized production of fruit trees, ornamental plants, seedlings and propagating material, with some of our cooperative fruit nurseries having the experience and tradition of more than 80 years. Production in our nurseries both in Serbia and Bulgaria is under the same legislation as in the European Union, reaching high standards in fruit plant production. We are exporting for more than 10 years to markets of the EU, Asia, and Africa, providing all necessary documentation that follows this process.Our main business activity at Euro Flora is wholesale for fruit production/fruit growers (mostly sold by variety and type of rootstock) as well as distributors, garden centers, supermarket chains, and so on. You can get yourself acquainted with all aspects of our business, departments of work, plant assortment, quality control, specialized services, history, and our nursery gallery through our website www.razsadnik-euroflora.com

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