Abbaty JSC is a company, specialized first and foremost in the provision of services, related to design, development, deployment, training, servicing and technical support of IT solutions. In addition to the above, the Company has a wide-ranging experience in the performance of many projects in the analytical and consultancy fields, such as analyses (business, legal, technological security, data protection, etc.), design of information systems, preparation of technical specifications, IT audits, legal consulting, etc. All the Company employees are highly qualified experts, with extensive experience in their fields. All software developers are certified Microsoft specialists, some of them Java and Oracle, as well.The Company has a wide range of clients, domestic and foreign, but it mainly develops IT solutions for Bulgarian state administration. Some of the clients of the Company are the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of the Environment and Water, the Supreme Judiciary Council, the National Institute of Statistics, the National Center for Documentation and Information, the National Library, etc. The more important and large-scale projects developed and implemented during the last few years include the following information systems: Delegated budgets for the Ministry of Education, which is used by all schools, Unified Portal for Electronic Payments, Census 2011 project, by means of which were successfully counted electronically nearly 42% of the population of the Republic of Bulgaria – one of the highest percentages achieved worldwide. Abbaty JSC developed the largest used at present management and monitoring information system for the structural instruments of the EU in Bulgaria – UMIS 2020. The UMIS 2020 covers the overall management, execution and control of almost all of the Operational Programmes in Bulgaria and also several Operational Funds.

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