Travel Smart: Essential Tips to Maximize Your Travel Bag's Potential

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A travel bag is something that we take for granted. We just grab the very first one we find in a shop and we stick to it. This might be great for short tips but in so many cases we might be making sacrifices without even realizing it.

The truth is that you do not necessarily need a big bag for travel. You just need to better organize and choose what you pack. Here are some great tips to help you do exactly that and make the most of the travel bag you already have.

1. Don't forget the toiletries

When you go for a long distance trip, you need toiletries. It is just so easy to forget them. The best travel bag is one that is going to have all the space needed to add these essentials. We are talking about things like razors, floss, toothpastes, brushes, and much more. Also, essential are mini deodorant sprays, cotton balls bandages and other necessary items.

While packing toiletries, make sure your bag is secure to prevent leaks or spills. A high-quality travel bag should feature separate compartments to organize your items as well as zipper locks that ensure everything remains sealed during travel. Bringing along an additional luggage lock may be beneficial when travelling internationally; this will protect against theft of stolen or lost belongings while you're away.

As another strategy, an alternative to packing liquids in plastic bottles is using hard containers like GoToobs instead. These soft, rugged silicone bottles can withstand changes in pressure fluctuations while being TSA approved for airline carry-ons and have the ability to squeeze out excess air so your liquids don't overflow during travel.

Make a list of what you need before traveling in order to avoid forgetting vital toiletry items like hairbrushes or first aid kits, for example. Additionally, plan a laundry stop when making longer trips if applicable - this way clothes won't take up so much room in your suitcase and can even be packed layer upon layer and rolled up neatly to save space! By following these tips you will ensure not forgetting anything when traveling and can fully appreciate every trip you take!

2. Leave room for a book

Assuming you don't bring every book on vacation with you, it is best to leave room in your travel bag for at least a couple. Flipped open books are particularly vulnerable; try packing them so that there are forces tending to press the pages together; ideally tucking one into an awkwardly book-shaped compartment could help protect it more efficiently.

Obviously, you will need to look at the bag you have. In the event that it would not properly protect the book, the best thing to do is to look for alternatives when it comes to reading. Fortunately, nowadays you can so easily buy your books in digital format for easy reading on a smartphone or a tablet.

3. Pack two pairs of shoes

Your shoe selection depends on where and what your travel plans include, such as dress shoes for formal events or hiking boots for trekking - it is best to pack multiple pairs so you can wear the heavier pair during the day and switch it out at night if necessary.

Packing shoes properly when traveling is also crucial, and one way to do this is by stuffing them with socks, underwear or t-shirts - this will prevent their shape from disintegrating as you store them and will save space at the same time!

Before packing them away in your suitcase or backpack, give your shoes a good brushing and airing out - this will prevent odors from spreading to other items in the bag and reduce chances of an unpleasant odor being generated from within them.

Protecting your shoes while traveling is easier by placing them in a travel shoe bag and rolling them tightly together. Or use large zipper plastic bag from bedsheets as an effective protective barrier for shoes while they travel in your bag or suitcase.

Make sure you only bring shoes you will actually use while traveling. If you plan on wearing your new black sandals only once during your trip, perhaps wear them during flight or the first few days to gauge how comfortable they are and determine whether bringing an additional pair or trying something different would be beneficial.

4. Use packing organizers

Packing organizers are unsung heroes of a well-packed suitcase. Not only can they keep your belongings organized and easily findable, they compress items to save space while maintaining order in your bag - not to mention being eco-friendly and reusable! You may already use stuff sacks, vacuum bags or compression bags at home for soft items like bedding and clothing - or you could pick up a set for your next journey at travel stores or online.

Travel Packing Organizers Are an Essential Element

A disorganized bag can really diminish the enjoyment of traveling, leading to time wasted searching through it for essentials or forgetting something important. By investing in packing organizers, however, this problem can be avoided and your vacation all the more pleasurable. You do not want to lose time to look for what you need.

Leather luggage tags come in various sizes to fit into your luggage like Tetris pieces. Available in an array of colors and styles to complement the luggage in which they're traveling - perfect for family trips, romantic getaways and business travel - they make your luggage look picture perfect and will add character.

Purchase a garment folder to keep your outfits wrinkle-free during travel. This will prevent having to ask the hotel staff for ironing services and extend their lifespan while saving time and money in doing so.

If packing cubes aren't your style, an effective alternative for organizing your suitcase can be to pack by category instead. For instance, put all shirts into one pack, pants in another etc. You could even organize by when they will be worn; weekend outfits in one cube and Monday-Friday work outfits in another.

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