Costly blunders that can spoil your car accident lawsuit

Thousands of car accidents happen annually, leaving many people seriously injured or dead. It's also possible that most drivers and passengers will be involved in an accident at some point due to how often they occur. Even if you have no control over other people's driving habits, there are steps you may take to lessen your risk of injury in the event of a collision.

You must contact a car accident attorney in Atlanta as soon as possible if you were hurt in a car accident. Your best interests are not being considered by the insurance companies. These deadly errors have the potential to destroy your auto accident claim.

Supervision and inspection

You should anticipate being monitored in some way by the at-fault driver's insurance company. It's possible that you're having a nice day and are able to engage in activities that don't align with the physical harm you allege your accident has caused. It's acceptable; if you're taking advantage of a wonderful day, the jury will understand. If you say you didn't do any of those things and the jury sees that you were surveilled while doing them, they won't comprehend. This also relates to speaking the truth.

Exaggerating and not telling the truth

In a personal injury lawsuit, you should never tell lies. Insurance companies are skilled at identifying lies, which can seriously undermine your case. This is the rationale behind this. Lying has no justification. In actuality, you should be compensated since you were hurt in a car accident.

Discussing the case with anyone

You might receive calls from defense attorneys, insurance adjusters, and occasionally jurors. NEVER discuss your case with ANYONE who has been employed by the insurance company or the at-fault driver. Have the adjuster contact your injury/auto accident attorney if she has any questions about your case.

Signing without speaking with an attorney

Signing anything before seeing your auto accident attorney is advised. Sometimes, even seemingly straightforward mini-tort releases contain small text that waives your right to sue for future injuries or permits the at-fault insurance company to view your medical records and invade your privacy. Consult your attorney beforehand.

Not taking pictures

Take photos of any obvious injuries or surgeries you have. Or get in touch with your auto accident attorney, and he will arrange for a photographer to take pictures of your wounds. Videos are also excellent resources for demonstrating to a jury or an insurance company adjuster how challenging life has been in the aftermath of a surgery or personal injury. Take pictures of any damage to the car as well. Estimates for collision repairs are frequently inaccurate and do not account for all of the damage to the car.

The best advice is still the simplest: if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call your auto accident attorney, and don't do anything that could seriously affect your case. Make sure you appoint someone who has had enough experience in dealing with car accident injury cases.

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