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University of Life at your service. Payment is not acceptedThere are facts in the late Middle Ages that mark a novelty: the appearance of the university. The university is an institution of higher education formed by diverse faculties and that grants different academic degrees. These institutions may include faculties, departments, colleges, research centers and other entities.The etymology of the word derives from the Latin universÄ­tas that is translated as ("all", "whole", "universal"), and was originally used to designate any community or corporation considered in its collective aspect. The "Universitas" includes the diversity of the sciences and of the convergent disciplines in the unity of knowledge.His mission undertook actions concerning man, science and society. The functions of the university are related to teaching, research, extension or service and the promotion of a democratic society.One of the oldest in Europe because it was founded in 1088 and was famous during the Middle Ages due to the fact that it had a great teaching of Humanities. All these were institutions of Christianity: they were recognized by a papal bull, their language was Latin and the knowledge they taught was articulated on the Catholic conception of the world and of man. His methods of reasoning and discussion were scholastic.The University of Life is here to trace the main mission it had at its beginning: to understand the knowledge of all things.

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