Fast, effective, and brutally honest, Angry Letters has become the premier anger-by-mail service for, like, at least three people we know. Based on this resounding early market validation, Angry Letters will soon rival Amazon in breadth of service and Apple in making people feel inadequate.We're not your run-of-the-mill "revenge" company that does dumb things just to annoy someone because they deserve it. That's too easy, and it just makes you out to be the bad guy.We chip away at an offender's psyche. We want them to feel bad for the decisions they've made and self-centered individuals they are. We want them to feel an order of magnitude worse than you do.We cut deep. We go hard. We use tried-and-true psychological techniques to break down transgressions into logical arguments that will make the reader go "I messed up and I'm a terrible person." Honed by years of military service, heavy metal, deep-rooted character flaws, and an inability to let sleeping dogs lie, we'll deploy an arsenal of psychological and emotional tricks to get your point across, make it stick, and win the argument, forever.

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