2300 Arena is a multipurpose indoor arena used primarily for professional wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts, and concert events. It was previously known as Asylum Arena for sponsorship reasons and has had numerous nicknames including XPW Arena and the ECW Arena, the latter of which it is perhaps best known as.Located in South Philadelphia under an elevated stretch of Interstate 95, it is named after its address at 2300 South Swanson Street.HistoryFreight warehouse (1974–1986)The facility was originally a freight warehouse that was built in 1974. Rail tracks next to the building allowed trains to drop off freight for storage and then continue on to their destinations. The tracks were eventually paved over to become an extension of West Ritner Street, allowing West Ritner Street to intersect with South Swanson Street.Viking Hall (1986–1993)Elias Stein and Leon Silverman of the law firm Stein & Silverman Family Partnership, Inc. purchased the warehouse in 1986. The southern part of the facility was given the name Viking Hall when the South Philadelphia Viking Club, a local chapter of mummers, began utilizing it. They used the building for storage and to rehearse for the annual Mummers Parade. The Viking Club would also stage midnight bingo games at the venue to raise funds for their organization. The northern part of the building was occupied by retail space, most notably a Forman Mills clothing store.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania