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Address : 13794 NW 4th St, Ste 212, Sunrise, Florida 33325
Coordinate : 26.125253, -80.337946
Phone : (954) 835-1500
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Social : facebook.com/vetbiologicsllc
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Website : www.vetbiologics.com
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Vetbiologics, LLC?

    Vetbiologics, LLC is located at: 13794 NW 4th St, Ste 212, Sunrise, Florida 33325.

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    We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs. Compare and book now!

  • What is the phone number of Vetbiologics, LLC?

    You can try to dialing this number: (954) 835-1500 - or find more information on their website: www.vetbiologics.com

  • Where are the coordinates of the Vetbiologics, LLC?

    Latitude: 26.125253
    Longitude: -80.337946

About the Business:

Vetbiologics provides veterinarians with the best possible stem cell therapy so veterinarians can give their patients the best chance for improvement


Vetbiologics is an innovative veterinary regenerative medicine company committed to providing veterinarians with the ability to provide the best possible stem cell therapy to dogs, cats and horses at the point-of-care. VetBiologics provides veterinarians with the ability to isolate regenerative stem cells from a patient’s own adipose (fat) tissue directly on-site within their own clinic or where a patient is located. Regenerative stem cells isolated from adipose tissue have been shown in studies to be effective in treating animals suffering from osteoarthritis, joint diseases, tendon injuries and heart disorders, among other conditions.

Vetbiologics has a highly experienced management team with over 20 years combined experience in developing stem cell therapeutics for both human and animal use. The Stemlogix team has experience in setting up full scale cGMP stem cell manufacturing facilities, stem cell product development and enhancement, developing point-of-care cell production systems, developing culture expanded stem cell production systems, FDA compliance, directing clinical and preclinical studies with multiple cell types for multiple indications, and more.

What Other Say:

User (16/09/2019 21:45)
From orthopedic to systemic conditions, animal health can be addressed using regenerative medicine. What does this mean? Stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma is an easy solution for animals of all sizes. 🐎
#equine #horses #jointpain #animalhealth #stemcelltherapy #veterinarian #veterinarianmedicine

User (13/09/2019 22:25)
Looking for a new way to address animal joint pain or systemic conditions? Regenerative options are now available for animals. From using autologous stem cell therapy to platelet rich plasma, Vetbiologics is here to help! Contact us for more information! 💉🔬🐴🐱🐶
#animals #animalpain #veterinarian #veterinarianscience #medicine

User (11/09/2019 22:25)
Stem cell therapy is now available! There's no longer a need to have your patients undergo invasive surgeries. Implement our alternative cellular therapies today - healing naturally has ever been easier for your animal patients!
#veterinarian #animalhealth #vet #animalscience

User (09/09/2019 22:20)
Equipment Spotlight: Vetbiologics RegenMed Centrifuge
The RegenMed centrifuge is the perfect solution for your regenerative medicine applications and other clinical applications. Designed for everyday use, the RegenMed centrifuge offers many innovative features that make it the most complete centrifuge available. Its compact, space-saving design delivers reliable stem cell separations quickly and safely, making it the ideal centrifuge for veterinary clinics.
Contact us for mo...re information!
#science #veterinarian #veterinarianscience #veterinarianmedicine #animalhealth
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User (05/09/2019 21:45)
Have you considered implementing stem cell therapy in your practice? Stem cells have the ability to regenerate tissue and reduce inflammation. Take animal health to the next level with our protocols!
#veterinarian #animalhealth #science #furrypatients #stemcells

User (03/09/2019 19:45)
Interested in relieving acute pain? Help your patients heal naturally by implementing platelet rich plasma in your practice! Learn the protocol and buy the supplies all with us. Lets talk about growing your business! 📈💉
#animalhealth #veterinarian #acutepain #dogs #cats

User (29/08/2019 21:44)
Vetbiologics provides veterinarians with extensive regenerative medicine capabilities including the ability to rapidly produce regenerative stem cells at the point-of-care. Are you ready to join the future of animal health? Contact us! 🐶🐴🐱
#veterinarian #animalhealth #medicine #science #dogs #cats #furryfriends #equine

User (15/08/2019 01:20)
Did you know that animals have the potential to heal using their own stem cells? Help them harness this potential by implementing regenerative medicine in your practice. The future of veterinary medicine is here! Call us today: (954) 835 -1500
#science #animahealth #healthypets #stemcelltherapy

User (09/08/2019 21:20)
Our goal is to help veterinarians treat arthritis, joint injuries, tendon injuries, and ligament injuries in dogs, cats, and horses. Interested in implementing our technology in your practice? Contact us today!
#animalhealth #veterinarian #stemcelltherapy #plateletrichplasma #science

User (05/08/2019 23:20)
Looking for a way to grow your practice and increase revenue? We offer regenerative medicine solutions for veterinarians. Contact us for more information!
#stemcell #stemcelltherapy #veterinarian #vet #animalhealth

User (01/08/2019 20:02)
Animals can benefit from stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma. Interested in adding this to your veterinary practice? We make it turn-key for you and your staff. 💉
#veterinaryscience #veterinarian #animalhealth #stemcell #dog #cat #pets

User (31/07/2019 20:30)
Vetbiologics offers the regenerative medicine solutions to veterinarians: services, products, and equipments. Not sure where to start? Contact us and we can walk you through all of our offerings. We will help you add regenerative medicine to your practice!
#science #technology #veterinarian #animalscience #animalhealth #cats #dogs #horses #stemcell #regenerativemedicine

User (29/07/2019 20:30)
Animals have the ability to heal naturally. We make premier regenerative medicine therapies turn-key for veterinary clinics. Are you ready to join the wave of animal health?
#science #veterinarian #veterinaryclinic #medicine #dog #cat #horses #pets #naturalhealing

User (26/07/2019 21:02)
Do you have questions about stem cell therapy? Contact us today! We would love to discuss the benefits of stem cell therapy and how regenerative medicine can be implemented into your veterinary practice! 🐕

User (25/07/2019 04:30)
Have you wondered why you should implement regenerative medicine at your veterinary practice? We have the answers! Interested in more information? Send us a message! 🐈
#stemcell #veterinaryclinic #veterinarian #science #medicine #naturalhealing

User (22/07/2019 20:01)
Are you looking for an alternative for your animal patients? We may have the solutions you have been looking for! We offer from platelet rich plasma training to stem cell therapy options. Add these services to your veterinary clinic today! Contact us for more information. 🐶
#veterinaryclinic #veterinarian #science #animalhealth #pet #science

User (19/07/2019 20:01)
Our animal solutions are applicable for a variety of conditions. All are natural and help animals heal using their own cells! The future of veterinary medicine is here - are you ready? Contact us to find out more!
#veterinaryscience #veterinarian #pets #animalhealth #naturalhealing #dog #cat #horse #animaljointpain #regenerativemedicine

User (18/07/2019 04:00)
Our mission is to make altenerative therapies accessible to all of our furry friends. Animals are capable of healing naturally - it's time to help them harness their healing potential. Contact us today to discuss all of our regenerative solutions!
#science #regenerativemedicine #veterinaryscience #veterinarian #animalhealth #furryfriends #pets

User (30/05/2019 19:01)
Is your veterinary practice summer-ready with the latest regenerative medicine therapies? At Vetbiologics our regenerative medicine technologies are designed, implemented, and produced according to the highest standards.
Visit our website to learn more about the power of regenerative therapy and how you can add this powerful treatment option to your own practice. http://ow.ly/Isfg30oHs0N

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