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100 Bree Dr, Lebo, KS 66856, USA
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  • Anynomous
    01 May 2023

    The room only cost $39, but this place is disgusting. It's a long frame building with about twenty rooms. The carpet felt dirty. The room stunk! I've done a lot of travelling, but this place out and out scared me. From the accent of the man at the desk he most certainly wasn't from New York, maybe a change of ownership.We stopped because there was nothing else around and it was late so our options were limited not knowing the area. I would not stay here again under any circumstances.

  • Anynomous
    31 March 2024

    I stayed at the Universal Inn a few years back during a cross country trip. It looked a little shady from the outside but if was getting late and there was no where else to stay. When I went in the guy was very friendly. Ended up he was a New Yorker like myself. The room was fine and it was very affordable, especially compared to Econo Lodge and other chains. If for some reason I'm ever in Lebo Kansas again I know where I 'll be staying!