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Coordinate : 43.17635, -89.80384
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Rating : 4.50
Social : facebook.com/twowicks
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Website : www.etsy.com/shop /twowickflies
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • What is the phone number of Two Wick Flies?

    You can try to find more information on their website: www.etsy.com/shop /twowickflies

  • Where are the coordinates of the Two Wick Flies?

    Latitude: 43.17635
    Longitude: -89.80384

About the Business:

A page dedicated to fly tying, my tying business, and other fishy things including musings, conservation, and outdoor activities.

What Other Say:

User (19/05/2019 20:28)
Jason's poppers are fantastic, and he's a hell of a good person to boot! Check out his shop!

User (18/05/2019 06:27)
How are spin fishing and fly fishing intrinsically different? I was wondering this while taking my sons fishing yesterday. One cast a fly. The other worked a spinner. Neither that fruitfully though both fished well. Some time ago an acquaintance said to me "I quit trout fishing because it got too easy." Yes, he is an arrogant man. And yes, I think he is a skilled angler. Nonetheless, had his inherent disdain of fly fishing not previously been brought to my attention, I... would have asked why he never considered fly casting for trout. Trout are a lovely and worthy quarry. As an outdoor activity, trout fishing is an end in itself. A sublime one at that. So why not find another way to stay in the game? Is fly casting harder? Yes. Is fly fishing more demanding? Yes. Is it less productive? Not always. Is it more productive? Sometimes. Is it better? That does not matter. What I concluded is this: fly fishing demands an understanding of trout. Without understanding your quarry, it's environment, cycles, habits and habitats, you are just walking along a stream with an overpriced stick. Spin fishing relies, primarily and sometimes enviably, on agitating the trout. In relationships, there are ways of getting what you want by pissing off your partner. There is also the way derived from understanding them.
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User (11/05/2019 18:21)
Testimonial in from Wisc. Rapids!

User (09/05/2019 01:40)
That smile says it all. What a pleasure spending the weekend helping this young man learn the sport and art of angling. He was as interested in the plants, frogs, and warblers as catching fish. It is intriguing to think of the path of learning that lies ahead of him.

User (03/05/2019 22:14)
"Maggots, Michael. You're eating maggots."

User (29/04/2019 06:00)
Chasing the Snow Fly at Black Earth Angling Co.'s Trout Camp.

User (21/04/2019 19:04)
Off to Black Earth Angling Co. 's Trout Camp. Here's hoping to some caddis emergence. Recent discovery: Jig hooks work great for flies on the swing - you hook 'em dead center top jaw - right through the nose.

User (19/04/2019 20:46)
Some flies are just 'Buggy.' These are just Mudbuggy. JiggyMeatyThingy in Crayfish. Off with some Large IMT's and Murdich Minnows to a smallie or mega trout hunter in NM. Fare thee well kiddos.

User (12/04/2019 23:39)
These guys are en route to Bethel AK. That's AK for AlasKa folks...It feels like a major league call up. I'm so proud of these little flies...sniff.

User (08/04/2019 03:43)
Off to Colorado! (without me.)

User (02/04/2019 22:51)
Benjamin Bunny Dun on their way to Driftless Angler. BWO sizes 16 and 18. Lightly dress this creation for a fly that floats, swings, skitters and works as a dun, cripple or wet. Exclusively available at the shop.

User (29/03/2019 20:14)
And it was good. With Asher Covillon.

User (16/03/2019 06:19)

User (08/03/2019 21:38)
I have never been so excited for 35°I have never been so excited for 35°

User (03/03/2019 23:05)
Bonefish Crew: Hiking in the snow is great practice for days on the flats. See how slow you can go without spooking birds.

User (02/03/2019 06:42)
Looking to introduce yourself to or up your game in introductory fly tying? Join me tomorrow at Orvis Middleton 10:30am - 12:30pm for a Clouser Minnow fly tying clinic. We will be tying Bob's classic Deep Minnow, a Driftless variant we have found locally effective, and the Half & Half. Please contact Orvis for more info! See below for a post-barracuda testimonial.

User (27/02/2019 05:19)
Pheasant-Tail Nosedive. #pheasanttail #nymphs #czechnymphing #tenkara #activenymphing

I have the pleasure of calling Ben a friend, but Ben hooked this true beginner up with a few ittymeatythingies and I was able to land my first trout on a fly!

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